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  1. I kept waiting and waiting. Did anyone else but me not discovered that you can extinguish the summer fire using poop, or have I just been blind and not see someone writing that in this 24 page topic?
  2. Hi there lurker!

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      o hai :)

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  3. Umm... I don't want to rain down on you or anything, but unless I'm mistaken, the wiki put hambat at 59 damage. Everybody (including me) didn't notice the buff on hambat since nobody ever make them. I just found out today too. I've never tested the exact damage, but today (Maxwell update) it's 2 hit on spiders and 6 (I think? Definitely much less than a spear/tentacle spike) on a werepig. And hambat is a lot easier to make. So perhaps until the devs realised how OP they made the hambat, you'd want to increase the damage of the shadow spike? It's a hard number to choose though...
  4. I lurk. So yeah...

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