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  1. (abandoned) RPG HUD

    The mod status is crashed instead of disabled. Oops, sorry it prompt me a game update. Its working now.
  2. Haunted House

    I'm more interested on the Witch Hat. Is that the reward your talking about on your MOD? I hope we can have some info about the rewards.
  3. Is it me or the Main Menu is just plain ugly?
  4. Minimap HUD

    This Mod needs a Hotkey for it to be more awesomely useful. Lets say "M" as default.
  5. I just started Default Plus with some customizations the make it harder which I have already forgotten. I was just shocked to see WX-78 spawning with 3 Chests in the middle of Tier 2 and Tier 3 Spider Den. Talk about the Plus right?
  6. Show us your camp!

    How I wish you could also use spoiler tags to make your post look compact and not stretch the thread. Thanks in advance. Anyway, nice base considering that's a Day 51. I like how you explore your map using the roads and not randomly going to nowhere. Is it me or those look really alot like Nasca Lines on your Map. LOL.
  7. Halloween Mod Challenge

    It would also be great if Klei would also release an in house MOD that makes a Halloween Themed HUD. LOL. Right?