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  1. The mod status is crashed instead of disabled. Oops, sorry it prompt me a game update. Its working now.
  2. I'm more interested on the Witch Hat. Is that the reward your talking about on your MOD? I hope we can have some info about the rewards.
  3. This Mod needs a Hotkey for it to be more awesomely useful. Lets say "M" as default.
  4. I just started Default Plus with some customizations the make it harder which I have already forgotten. I was just shocked to see WX-78 spawning with 3 Chests in the middle of Tier 2 and Tier 3 Spider Den. Talk about the Plus right?
  5. It would also be great if Klei would also release an in house MOD that makes a Halloween Themed HUD. LOL. Right?
  6. This is just me throwing Idea for someone to just grab. You know what's a better Backpack? 20 Silk 10 Beefalo Wool 5 Blue Gem 2 Ropes 1 Winter Koalefant Trunk 1 Gold 1 Gear Now there folks, Wilson has harness cold one again and invented the "Coleman". Ofc let me not make it an Uber OP thingymajig. Coleman Perks: 30% Spoilage Reduction on perishables, 12 Slots, can carry all kinds of item