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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever played a game that allowed me to lock items, the conventional workaround for this is a simple confirmation dialog that pops up when you are about to unravel your last copy of a skin. Additional copies could be unraveled with one click.
  2. That’s just an unfortunate chin tumor, poor guy. Imagine how he feels when you continually point it out.
  3. That pretty accurately reflects society in general I think, being nice is frequently mistaken for weakness so it’s seen as uncool and shunned.
  4. This looks like it took some time to make and the vintage style and announcer voice are nice effects adding to the theme.
  5. Bo2 Zombies had a team-based PvP mode called grief, work together to kill each other.
  6. Some players like Co-op while others like griefing. As long as the two are kept seperate for games there shouldn't be a problem, I'm sorta thinking back to CoD Zombies, in Bo2 you could either co-op or grief.
  7. I've still got my fingers crossed for Steam Achievements. That aside, this is exciting news, I'd be able to play with my family.
  8. Here is a repost of the article for those who aren't interested in visiting Steam forums.