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  1. If there are gestures implemented, other characters will have to be in the same frame w/ Wes to see them right? I think if they do make communication a thing for Wes it'd have to be the asterisk. Otherwise, I think I like Wes as being the character that he is and not talking. It'd be like, the silent one of the bunch. He is either a favorite or not played as is, and only people who would appreciate him would play him and I think get their fully moneys worth out of him remaining silent.
  2. Yeah, I understood the last part, but the first portion is interesting to note. Thank you.
  3. My previous post responded to had to deal with buying a new copy of DS for someone including DS ROG. Both the price on the Klei store and Steam are the same, do both directly support Klei. Does one do so more?
  4. I have a question. Something was said about a price jump on the game price from 15$-20$. Im beginning to think, from comments posted (i.e. needing to redo the XP for characters, the Beta not needing the full game) that DST may be a separate client. If someone who doesn't have the game need to buy twice? 1-Don't Starve, and 2-DST? Or will DST ultimately be a complete package in Don't Starve. I'm asking because right now my girlfriend plays off of my account, and for DST I'll obviously grab her a copy or she will of Don't Starve. Wondering if its better to not buy it now and save 5$ or what may be more, just incase. Disclaimer: I apologize if this has been answered elsewhere, it seemed reasonable to ask in the FAQ discussion. I've limited my reading of DST forums because they were mainly speculation posts at the time, with many helpful hints.
  5. How does the double base work out in summer? I've always been tempted to do something similar, however I was afraid that during summer, the whole thing would just burn down.
  6. 100 Days in the Caves. R1 Webber 25Days Winter. R2 TBD

  7. at the moment I've only been cutting down the new tree: 1) because i like their look more atm (maybe because its new or maybe because it reflects light ) 2) because they don't have a chance to spawn tree ents - yet 3) acorns op?
  8. I've noticed this as well. I suggest posting as a bug in the bug forums, if it has not already been done.
  9. blew his beard off. at least he was considerate to others ... like me, muahaha
  10. first time i've seen this, especially beard hair in the random world. (no its not mine, my character is on day 2 of world 1 - no science machine yet)
  11. Not sure if any other forum has a shot of this new set piece / skeleton grave, but found it just now. The beard hair was on the ground surrounded by burnt trees, bones, a fire staff and gunpowder. I am in day 2 / world 1 still, it wasn't me
  12. Tried to start summer first with willow - died from heat stroke day 0. Morgue states Cause of Death: Shenanigans
  13. Read through everything. last night while I was playing a wrote down somethings and here are the ones that've yet to be said. I'll also add a bug report. New Items/changes: *Cacti – Good for 5 sanity, gives 1 health cooked or uncooked plus food. 12.5. Hurts less w/ armor, otherwise about 8hp (might be too high, maybe it was 5) lost can be reduced to 2 with log suit / 3 with grass suit. Pig Houses / Chests / Farms all burn in fires. They leave charred remnants of themselves. Hammering the remnants of a Charred Pig house will give half of the normal items for a un-burnt Pig House. (Already stated) Full Moon – I first played as Woody and did not get the chance to appreciate the beautiful light of the Full Moon. It is gorgeous! Especially in the Autumn Leaf biome with all of the fireflies (Already Stated - but beautiful) *Pigmen will aggro wolves / spiders much faster *Moles do consume heatstones - saw one sniffing mine and later gave it up as bait and he took it. *At the moment, Woody has better comments about the effects of wet weather than WX (Ex. "It's like watching meat dry in the rain") RAIN: Meat dries much slower Rain can ruin Crockpot food sitting out Snow counts as Rain Wet Heat Stones do not heat past minimum (1st stage heated). *Top Hat and Football Helmet do not get wet - like straw hat SUMMER: I've yet to get there, however - Endothermic Fire/Firepit: (Endothermic Defined as absorbing heat) might be meant as a "reverse" / "opposite" of normal fire so for summer time it'll consume heat. Bugs: Lucy the axe doubled on world progression All Koalefant outrun player tracking Found a random Pigman and what I can only assume were 3 Frog/Fishmen (bodies only – fishx3 froglegx3) fighting wolves in the desert. Wood from Cave stalagmite (intended - previous to RofG) Can’t stack items into chests or chester – states full when items such as seeds and meats can be stacked in higher quantities. In order to do this, one has to open up the chest and then move the items in, or shift-click. Hovering over the chest/chester and placing the items will bring up the “it’s full” announcement from character. Unsure: Found 4 Tree Guards around a skeleton in the Desert biome (already stated - new set piece)
  14. I can also confirm vultures are attracted by meat. This could be used as an alternitive food source. When I put a morsel down a vulture came and attacked me. When it was killed it dropped a morsel and a drumstick. I also found a group of goats. I attacked VULTURES who were just hanging around me. 3 hits with a Spear and the bird flew off. Might need something stronger to bring it down, or it may act like a Turkey where it tunnels on food. But if a player is to aggro a Vulture with a Ranged Weapon, this won't work if they're so strong.