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Hey guys !

I'm Seifer, and FIRST OF ALL I'm FRENCH. :) So excuse me for the errors I can make. ^^

I'm a huge fan of Don't Starve (I have the game since... like... huh.... like.... THIS big !) and I love the game. Really. The best game I've ever played in years. :)


I love to draw, Star Wars, movie, video games, me, Pepsi and PC. :3

My future job is to be a graphist. I'm already preparing for it. 'cuz It has a lot of swag in it, you know...


Anyway, I don't know what to put here, so I'm just going to put that.









Thanks for reading and seeya soon ! :D

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Hi guys ! Thanks alot ! :D Yeah I meant graphic artist. x)





To SamLogan> Salut ! Dis c'est toi le rédacteur sur DS.Blogspot ? :o EPIC ce que tu fais là bas, ça m'a aidé plus de 30 fois, sisi no fake. x)


To TLLBRDWRNGLR (Yeah I wrote it back all by myself, cuz I care 'bout you <3)> Say pal, that's a good name you have here. :3


And to all others, thanks you. :D

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Whoo! My family is very French and I can read as well as understand it. And yet, god forbid I try to write or say a coherent sentence, but I hope to move to France long-term in the future.

My school classes have really ruined language for me by teaching nothing but confusing grammar rules and last century sayings none of the newer generations would say.

Also, I love, LOVE--Video games and drawing~! I used to be into Star Wars, but my enthusiasm slowly leaked out.

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Well it's true that the French language has a lot of rules and exception, and it's not fun to learn it that way. But still, you learn a little of the rules. As a French man, I can tell you that you'll eat rules every damn day... And you won't understand a shot 'bout it. :mrgreen:

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