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  1. (I'm back! sorry for the inactivity, i'll try to start up again)
  2. "Hmm what is this?" Thynik takes the cube up and weighs it in his palm. "Interesting" He mutters.
  3. "Well, he said we should leave. The only logical thing is to explore deeper!' Exclaims Thynik.
  4. "I'm sorry." Thynik apologized, it's just that you kinda seem, not normal.
  5. Thynik looked on at Serenei in bewilderment. "Who, or what are you?" He asked hesitantly.
  6. "Thynik" The creature makes a smile as best it could, and asks hopingly. "Well, I won't bother with asking individually everyone, so would you tell me who these people are?"
  7. "In any case you all look like nice people, plus i'm indebted to him." He gestures towards Delmar "So i'm staying." He roots himself firmly in the ground to make his point.
  8. "I would say we wake the the bug up." The creature yawned "He must have gotten enough rest after all that time"
  9. The creature turned abruptly and stared hard at the orange light.
  10. "Hmmpf" The creature Exhaled. "I suppose I'll have to wait for a task to repay you. I'll stick around"
  11. A root hastily comes out of the ground and grabs it only to bring it underground again. "Thanks" Says the creature "I suppose I owe you for that huh? I was slowly starving to death."