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Can we get a idea of how much this will cost?


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I'm thinking the DLC will cost about half the price of the original game. For example, I purchased Don't starve for 15$ so the DLC will probably be like $7 or $8 or may be the third of the price, like the sound track for about 5$. Idk, depends how big the DLC will be. If it's just gonna be some new characters, some new monsters and 4 different seasons then I'm kinda be dissapointed. Better if a lot new monsters, a lot new animals, characters etc will be in the DLC!

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That's the thing though. We don't technically "know". What we do know is that we want it to be something around 5 bucks. But (as always) until it's set in stone, we are hesitant to announce pretty much anything. 


But there you go, around five bucks.


Heh, I assumed it would be around 15, guess I'm surprised :razz:

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Maybe JoeW should make a sticky note about the price estimation and delete my thread with the others of its kin. Not much point in a entire thread with Joes post somewhere in the middle if people aren't seeing it.

We'll be making a solid announcement real soon.

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