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[Suggestion] Character builder

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SamLogan    971



The Don't Starve's characters are pretty good but I think many players like to create their own personnalize character (see the mod section, 82 mods).


So I think it will be nice to have a character builder integrated in the game. Here's an example :




You have to spend 30 points as you want in Health, Hunger and Sanity.




You have 6 options that you can change : hairs, eye, mounth, body, arms, legs.


To facilitate the integration of this feature, you can just use the actual moddels from all characters.




Give a name to your brand new character.




You have 3 points to spend in many perks. Some of those cost 1 point and other 2 points.







Images are from this post :

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HoneyHam    435

I once had a friend who said he hated Don't Starve BECAUSE you can't make your own character. That was the ONLY reason.

We're not friends anymore, but for other reasons.

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qwasted321    41

I agree with DwerBomb, MycoLogical an Ham.


One of the best features IS choosnig a character, that is balaced (sorry Wes D:) and everyone has something that touch certain part of game (Wendy - fire and light, Wickerbottom - knowledge and prototyping and Wolfgang - more eat = stronger, in fact, hunger).


Offtopic: I think characters in DS are pretty awesome, everyone is good! I don't need mods. Everything is on it's place.


Waiting for DLC - more content and chars! I wonder what perks will Webber has...

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23rd    765

Mod or cannon this is an AWESOME idea and while I avoid most major game changing mods, I WOULD get this one.

The same can be said for cannons of anything, really. Cannons are cool.

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