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AUGH, Pengulls >:O

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I just made it past the "oh god I'm gonna starve to death" stage on WORLD 3 of adventure mode... The King of Winter with hardly any grass, awful place...


...only to get pwned by a lousy flock of Pengulls D:   I didn't even attack them, they just... NOPE. Augh. AUGHHH


The worst part is losing my Koalefant friend; I just got him and he was helping me get all those dead grasses into working order again! Dang it, that was my best run of Adventure Mode so far. Guess I've still got a ways to go before I ever escape.

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In one of my winter worlds they got stuck outside the walls of my panic room and constantly made annoying sounds and kept destroying my walls. It's the cute and fluffy things you have to watch out for in DS *Glares at Gobbler

*Glares at spider swarm which only showed on on a game world at day 19 in the rockyland and was the only damn spider in the whole dang world (whispered to*)


Whadda ya mean they aren't cute?! They kill pengulls! :p

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A have a history of hating this mixed breed of seagull and penguin (how did that happen, by the way?). They have a tendency to murder my beefalo. Evil creatures, they are. At least the worms stay in their caves and don't invade my base at night.

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