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What happened to the ancient civilisation

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I'm going to hold fast to my "they're basically the Mayans" theory and say that they sacrificed so many babies to Them that they became doomed to not have a new generation to inherit the land. (This might be too dark, even for Don't Starve.)


Or they just got ripped apart/turned into Merms by Them after attracting their attention with all the Nightmare Fuel they were burning through. That or they loaded too much Nightmare Fuel into the Ancient Guardian, turned it into what it is now and got smacked in the face with the karma.. horn. (This one seems like the most likely scenario to me. Maxwell even says their use of Nightmare Fuel was their downfall, and that Nightmare Fuel changed the Ancient Guardian in some way.)


Or Maxwell is their Hernán Cortés, and Them is their vengeful Quetzalcoatl that went and stuck Maxwell on the throne. As punishment for the genocide he committed it/they are forcing him to keep on killing (or, at least, be responsible for many deaths) to the point he's the drained husk of a man you see at the end of Adventure Mode. This could fit in with another theory of mine about the skeletons from boons being members of the Ancient Civilization who tried to make it on the surface the way we do, only to realize they couldn't survive outside their structured society. It would let the Cortés theory still be possible by explaining why Maxwell finds those skeletons just so amusing. (This is getting into Epileptic Trees territory, but it's a theory I have fun with.)

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Wish granted: 2 new cave levels

New biome: Depth Worm Biome.

Entire level is Depth Worms only.

You can fight a new boss, the Depth Worm King, a giant Depth Worm with a bunch of other Depth Worms. (What, who doesn't love flunky bosses? They're so great, you get to fight the same things you've been fighting for the past hour while fighting the boss!)

Depth Worm King drops Depth Worm on death. Then you fight the Depth Worm.



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What actually happened was


1. They were a very rich and powerfull empire, with thelucite and nightmare fuel coming out of their asses.

2. They started to mistreat and misuse the nightmare fuel, conducting expirements and making powerful weapons.

3. Soon, the nightmare creatures drove them to extinction. all that remains now are the creatures that claimed their land. (monkeys, white jumpy spiders, terrorbeaks)

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