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  1. Deer's DS fanart

    Was this sort of inspired by that scene from Metropolis ?
  2. Reign of Giants: Your Discoveries

    I miss the trailer clue finding madness.
  3. Hello I Draw The Art

    Yes yes , the yellow eyes are perfect for him .
  4. (Title)

    I must ask you something , Tabs . Have you seen The Cabinet Of Doctor Caligari ?
  5. Relevant fact: Horns are actually made of keratin , like hair.
  6. We thought it was a good name for a dorky weird-story writer.
  7. You did good , Tjally , you did good.
  8. Le Maxwell Photoshop Shenanigans

    William "Maxwell The Great " Carter : The Most Adorkable Man In San Francisco
  9. Le Maxwell Photoshop Shenanigans

    Dork Carter , for your photograph editing amusement !
  10. How did William travel through the desert to San Francisco ?
  11. Hello , my crocodilian friend !

    1. Sarcosuchus


      Hey there! Sorry, didn't mean to ignore your message. My school life is an absolute shambles lately, so I've been logging off and on rather than hanging out like I normally do.

      So. Ahem. Wazzap, you gentleman scientist you?

    2. Electric


      Let' us collaborate on finding the Lovecraft References in Don't Starve perhaps?

  12. What is it with the Carters and grimores full of knowledge that should not be used?
  13. The Merms resemble certain creatures near a certain New England fishing village.
  14. What is it with William's family and occult grimores full of things that probably shouldn't be read?