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Why don't we overhaul the experience and char unlock system? Like we did to science machine! 

I mean the players should unlock every character like the way you unlock Wes and Maxwell. Example: Willow is pyromaniac and it has specail abilty with fire. Why we dont add an Achivement system to it? 



Burn hell load of trees!

Willow Unlocked.



Eat a crock pot food.(another idea: Eat even you are not hungry)

Wolfgang Unlocked.



Kill a ghost or nightmare.

Wendy Unlocked.



Eat rot.(Another idea:Let food rot in your icebox)

WX-78 Unlocked.



Build Alchemy Engine and Shadow Manipulator.

Wickerbottom Unlocked.



Kill a Tree Guard.

Woodie Unlocked.


Do you guys like my idea? Should Experience system should overhauled? Tell me :)

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I think they should be unlocked just like Maxwell. As in, oh yeah...


Spoilers by the way, don't read if you don't know all the story or care.












Since Maxwell is unlocked by completing adventure, it sort of informs his abilities and sets that in its own place in the narrative.


Unlocking Wx78 should for instance go like this, Wx78 wakes up and WILSON pops up just like Maxwell and says, "You sir are in disrepair, perhaps in need of a tea." Wx78 goes through adventure mode or some thing like it and finds Wilson on the nightmare throne, slumped over just like Maxwell was. Wilson tells Wx78 that he created him to take his place, to lure him there just as Maxwell had lured him and then Wx78 becomes the new Pawn King.


If every character had a story unlock like that, which would set up different parts of the world and explain the story it would be a good way to unlock them.

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Either stuff some of them in the caves, or make them spawn in a certain world number so the teleportato will have a purpose. You say you want them to be unlocked like Wes and Maxwell, then why all these suggestions unlock them waaaaay easier than the two?

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I actually like the experience system. Well, I like it for unlocking the first few characters, anyway. It rewards you for living longer and it is a consolation prize for dieing. It helps you learn that dieing a lot is okay and is expected when you first start playing.


But, yeah, it would be nice to see some other ways of unlocking some of the later characters, such as WX, Woodie, and Wickerbottom.

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I agree the current system isn't great, but unlocking them all like Wes would be frustrating, especially for the not-so-great players who would struggle without quickly unlocking Wolfgang.


They need the cheap unlocks to progress, and this can't be well replicated through set pieces. Anyway, Wes and Maxwell are hard to get for a reason. With Wes, unlocking him proves you've mastered the game, (you've got to be good to go through that much Adventure Mode), and are ready to play with him. Maxwell is just fun to play with, but you really have to work to get him.


Alternatively, we could go back to the original planned method from Klei whereby you found the character skulls and made some kind of Meat Effigy to unlock them. It would encourage exploration, but would be a pain for the aforementioned not-so-great players, who don't have time to explore much before they die. Generally for them, long expeditions mean death. So not much chance for them to explore, chance upon say, a Wolfgang head, and then gather the materials for a Meat Effigy without dying first.

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