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Nicoles Fanart- + Tumblr ask blog!

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Well hello dearest new starving friends. I'm not giving an introduction at all here have some art.






Now here is the mentioned ask blog, ask wendy! http://askwendy.tumblr.com/ You can ask all sorts of questions, ( but NO nsfw).

You can also follow my main blog here http://nicoleartist.tumblr.com/ (you can see some more art by clicking the art tab on the right side)


okay thats all hope these arn't giant

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Have a ZombiDJ 's Percy & Wilson W.I.P.
Ill be honest though, I really don't mind some criticism and help with this. Percys arm is being a pain for me to draw right now, and I just want this to look right. (I don't mind if you draw right on top of it either)

Also Wilsons face is drawn abit different (the eyes) because I like doing his face this way too.


EDIT: The double side angle decieved me, and I am made aware from a friend that percy has the wrong hand. Wow I can't even me. (Im so bad at the hand help)

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