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Who know? when dont starve sale again ?

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I'm going to improperly presume that you use Steam. Every Christmas Steam has sales that make my wallet feel empty, oh so empty inside, to the point it starts listening to Three Days Grace and dying its hair black. Which is odd, because my wallet doesn't have hair. Back on point, keep on eye on what's on sale during late December, you'll more than likely be able to grab Don't Starve at a steal of a price during one of those days.

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Probably at halloween or in the december sale! ;)

Maybe even next week as the update stops now (?) and you can tell it's a finished game. For real  :nightmare:

yep i hope that but i get it on dota2 aready     haha because i dont want to wait.. but  if it sale again  i will buy it again too   haha 

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