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  1. I even got a member title! Whaaaat? Now I also have absolutely no reason not to get active here again :p

  2. AAAAAAND, I'M IN THE GAME! :victorious: 

    1. ImDaMisterL


      Nice member title, btw ;)

    2. Wilbur
  3. Seems like your wish was granted xD

    1. Wilbur


      Most definitely! The wait is OVER! :D

  4. Ending in Invisible Inc <3333

  5. I got a betakey today, yay!

  6. It'd be so nice to have the beta tommorow. Me and a couple of friends are going to hang and play some games - DST would be fun! Fingers crossed.

  7. Now I just need to be one of that 80,000 people. :)

  8. I'm very inactive here...

  9. The Steam Sale is ruining me.

    1. ThePreChewedTree
    2. Wilbur


      A competion that wants me to buy stuff, uuuh (+ great games ok)

  10. My world became unplayable because a bug I belive. 20 days Autumn, 1 day winter, then summer, and heat without me being prepared. It sucks.

  11. Ahhhh I so want to play LBP3 right NOW.

  12. I've had my last lession in school now. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

  13. OH MY GOD, LITTLE BIG PLANET 3!!!! asfhjGFKJgueigfsjkfgUU

    1. ThePreChewedTree
    2. Wilbur