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Adventure! Art! Abdominal Pain!

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SirKnight    5997

deerclops versus treeguard

Obviously the treeguard won o-o

Also have some treegaurd dancin


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SirKnight    5997

Adventure 2



His head buzzed, the normal drugs they filled him with drained out of his system,



Even the wondrous dreams he had only filled him with guilt and worry. His eyes were blurry, and could only feel something binding him. A voice spoke, it was hateful and angry, but he couldn't pick out words.


He attempted to look up, but he only slumped back down painfully. He felt ill. Feeling a pain to his arm, he realized he had fallen to his side. Which means he was sitting up. He hoped at least.


The voice was louder this time, and he could see some greyish blobby figure. "...Demon!.. ..... Listen!.." Was all he could pick out. It growled, pinning him up on a tree, the bark scratching his back. He hissed, trying to focus on the attacker, but even so close it..she..? Not his. He was disappointed, wishing to see THAT woman, or whatever she was now.


He blinked a couple times. Wasn't that the outcast wolf girl from...? Where was she from.. She was still screaming at him. He thought, and thought, some kind of manner..? It was some place fancy he recalled. Some place covered in marble and other stone, lace and suits. He let it go, now trying to focus on her words.


"Where is he you DEMON?!"


Demon? Him? He tried to form the words, not able, only producing a gurgling noise. His tongue went numb. He wasn't usually so limp, usually better spoken than most.


She growled and tossed him to the side.

Wynn. A stubborn girl, tired of life full of powders and meals that had to be eaten before you got a chance. Royalty? No. Just high up in that tiny town, full of religion and ignorance. She got what she wanted. But she misses some things.


She grunts, pushes the memories aside. Now to the next person. He was quite a bit younger than the other, and she's never seen him before. He looks terrified.


Tired too, probably from freaking out so bad. She stares at him, trying to see whether or not he was a good guy or not.


She actually wants to trust this one. The black haired teen is still uncertain though, so keeps him tied up. Maybe if he'd tell her something she could trust him, but he doesn't even whimper. Not a noise.


Shes tired too, and snow has already covered the ground. Wynn thought she had enough time, enough to get back, enough to escape. But he was gone!


He's just.. gone..

She can lie and say she didn't care, that she didn't mind. But the truth? She had gotten used to his childishness, something she didn't understand, and the little chats they had while running from the hounds.


A bit one sided, but she enjoined them anyway. But.. it didn't matter anyway. The snow was beginning to get heavier, and she needed a fire.


She built up one away from the trees, not wanting the built up snow to fall on it. She just realized she had two more men to take care of. She couldn't let them die. She wasn't that cruel, and she couldn't let them go. She wasn't stupid. They might have a plan to take her out. Maybe not so much the clown or whatever he was. He seemed too fragile. Kind of Made her mad, looking at him cowering at everything. She grunted. He might be a nice source of heat though... She shook her head, all she had were eggs and a couple slabs of meat. She'd need to go hunting. They were tied up. They weren't going anywhere.


She left the food there, and went off to hunt.




He could finally move, talk, speak, do all that wonderful stuff, but he was still tied up. The wolf had left, with a nice fire set up though. Maybe he could-- IT was glaring at him.


"You're going to have to use your words, friend." The man hummed. He just got a harder glare. It kind of just made IT look stupid. The man sighed, scooting closer to the fire. IT knew his plan to escape. IT wasn't having any of it. Launching ITself at the man, pinning him down with his body weight.


It was a bit of an awkward place to be, but, IT wasn't.. HE wasn't letting him get out of this one. Even if that meant sacrificing his own escape. Neither could move.

"Fantastic. Done a fantastic job, bud. Now we have to wait till that wolf gets here."

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SirKnight    5997

tell me Maxwell is wheatley !


that moron...

I keep thinking it could work in so many places

but Wilson HAD to be chell

Maxwell was either wheatly or GLaDOS

And if he was wheatly

I'd have Willow be GLaDOS


imagine what you will :3 I've left it open

(mostly cause i haven't decided ;-; )


And if he was GLaDOS

Id have Wes be Wheatly.

It seems to work well either way

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SirKnight    5997

Adventure 2

Part 2


Wynn hadn't been expecting such a sight when she returned. She was expecting them to escape or something, but not this. She dragged the beefalo cadaver near the fire.


"Having fun there?" She laughs. "Oh ha ha, yes, funny. Say pal, why not be a dear and get this idiot off me?" She scoffs, helping the clown up off the other male.


Thats when she noticed he was way taller than her, and any person she's seen. Crazy. He sits back down, a look of sadness on his face. "Your little mime there decided it was a good idea to tackle me." Wynn merely ignores him, cutting up the beast with a piece of flint after shaving the thing. It'd keep them warm, for now. Organs were the first to get fried up, full of minerals, and all the engery needed to survive another day.


She wondered how they were going to eat.. Crabapples she wished she had the courage to kill a man, but noooo, shes got to be nice. Should've killed that other man too. She sighs, trying not to focus too hard on it as she cuts away at the meat, trying very hard to keep the skin intact.


Within a couple hours, meat was either cooked or hanging up to dry. The skin was cleaned and left slung over a rock to dry as well. That clown looked like his flimsy clothes werent going to be enough to survive the night, not everyone has the softest, warmest, most comfortable wolf skin to cover up in. She yawns, done with her food, now to figure out how to feed the others. Actually, she knew how just... REALLY didn't want to do it.


She shivered at the thought, but, she didn't have much of a choice. "You know, I can't very well feed myself without my hands, dear." He sang. She hated him so much, might as well feed him first. Do the worst first her mother always said. She tried to find the logic in that, and thinking of her mother.. "Yeah? Shut up or you can eat snow." She crawls over, slowly, so horrid. She didn't want this, she didn't even want him HERE.


She'd rather run around in his little world forever. He grinned, his teeth are crooked, but the cleanist she'd seen. Being stuck in another world doesn't leave for much dental hygiene. She puts out a piece of meat which he gladly accepts. Hes enjoying this too much, she thinks. Wynn's stomach lurches forward uncomfortably everytime she has to hand him another piece of meat. She can feel his breath, and can't stop looking as he chews. When its finally over and done with, she moves to the other man.


She hopes this to be less unpleasant, and since she doesn't hates his guts as much it is. Maybe thats all it is, maybe she did like Wilson, maybe she did enjoy his company, maybe she misses him, even though its only been a few hours.


She thinks about it hard as she feeds this one, trying not to cry, trying to shove feelings away. A lady doesn't have feelings, her father had told her, a lady doesn't act out, doesn't go out in the woods, doesn't choose her mate.


Everything rushes back to her in a flood, and it hurts.


Why now?


Why in front of these two?


But she can't stop it,

and everything hurts,

everything is horrid.

She shakes, and sobs, unable to control herself any longer.


She cries.


And cries.


Its not fair.


Its just not fair!

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SirKnight    5997

Adventure 2,

Part 3


By this point, Willow was actually starting to worry about the stupid scientist. It had been more than a week, and neither Wolfgang nor she was a wiz at cooking. It was either burnt meals or soup. She had to find him, but the snow was already here. There was no way she could travel so far just to search for him. For now, she figured he was fine, that he was just off on one of his little "scientific adventures" she scoffed at such stupidity.




She was asleep. She didn't remember falling asleep, or on such a warm place. Wynn yawned, nuzzling closer to the source. She was happy for once, a lazy happy, all until a voice reminded her of where she was."The great wolf, brought down by some emotions and a mime, oh how it amuses me so." It took her a few moments before she realized what had gone on. Oh how she hated that man, ruining everything, even this great 'freedom' he gave her was flawed. She tried hard not to let him get to her.


She found what she was laying on, but didn't really mind. This one didn't seem too horrid, and he was quiet. Doesn't squirm either, a perfect bed.She knew she had to get up though, so Wynn sat up, looking up at the sky, seeing the orange burst through the sky and dance among the clouds. It was about noon.  It was getting colder, and the fire was low, and so was the supply of wood. She sighed; didn’t that dumb scientist come from some camp? There were at least 2 other people there, maybe they’d help, save him and care for these dorks for a few days. She remembered the way back, but, it was going to be a while.

Well, after the meat was dried, maybe, but not today.



(Good thing for you, you don’t have to go through this journey.)

Another week had passed, and Willows minor worry was getting bigger. The snow had piled on, and within that, they found a robot buried underneath. It didn’t work, at least for a few days, having to leave it near a fire to melt away at the ice that had built up in its gears for some time. It sputtered to life, gurgling something. 


It shut off again. Neither knew how to refuel a robot, or what it ate.  They decided that since it said hunger… maybe just regular food? Wolfgang held its arms in case it was crazy, or evil, or something else he didn’t want to think about. Willow shoved some berries into its gaping mouth, and quickly ducked for cover. Nothing happened, so Wolfgang let go, and it sprung up. “BZZT, HUNGER TANK AT 20%.” It looked toward the man, and sparked a bit. “I REQUIRE MORE FUEL. SUPPLY ME, BZZT, OR I WILL…BZZZZT!” Sparks are flying everywhere, and the man didn’t think twice as he handed over a couple slabs of meat.

It settled down. “BZZT, THAT WAS NOT..BZZT.. NEVERMIND.” It gobbled down the food, and spoke again. “HUNGER TANK AT 92%. ACCEPTABLE.” 


The next few parts of that week were a bit strange, the robot shouted about everything, and any rotted food, it happily ate. It commented on Willows flaws. A lot. Constantly. It got burned several times for such outbursts. It did help though, understanding the logic towards a group function instead of one man…or erm.. robot…or girl.. working on their own. By the end of the third week, the group had found a rhythm, and the robot was more help, even with its constant nagging.




Wynn had the camp in sights, though; there was someone…something else there, a new thing. She was interested, but had to go over with caution. She and two roped men went down a slope, a little more slippery than wanted. She figured she’d make herself know immediately, some submissive actions, and maybe they wouldn’t rip her apart. She can handle one person, but there were three, and, with these two anchors she wasn’t risking any sneaky behavior. But when she got down there, they were gone. Maybe offer the creator as immolation? “Creator? Is that what you think of me, my dear?” She hates his picking around in her thoughts, it’s a minimal side effect, and is wearing thin, but he still possesses such power, as he’s told her, over, and over, and OVER again.


He whines about how he can’t freely sneak around in her mind as usual, all the lovely thoughts she’s had, all the cunning and idiotic plans she’s pondered, all of the blood soaked memories. She just really hates him.

The clown is less annoying, but still proves a bother. “Well now there’s no question about it,” She pushes the man down on his back. “I think you’ll like what I’ve brought for you!” Nothing, just stillness, it was unnerving. She shivers the cold getting to her. Wynn motions to the mime. “You, go sit near the fire.” He nods, almost appreciatively. “The thing has a name, not like it’s of much importance, my dear.” He calls her dear a lot, probably just to annoy her.

“Amuse me.” She answers. “Wes, such a bore, like his personality.”  He laughs, looking up at her. “You really think they’d trust a wolf? Even with me as an offering?”


“Was worth a shot.” And everything goes black.

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SirKnight    5997

Whats worse than being hurt by someone you've ruined?

Someone you've destroyed?

Having them accept you back in.

Having them still care.

Still love you.

That man, Maxwell, is horrid.

And he knows it.

He decides, he deserves whatever comes to hunt him in the dark.


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SirKnight    5997

Adventure 2

Part 4


Tied up and back against a tree; wasn’t this familiar. She sighed heavily, looking up at the sky. The heavy clouds were the first thing she noticed; snow starting to powder the air was the second. Maxwell, that demon, was gone, and the clown, Wes, was shivering on the ground next to her. Poor thing. They weren’t in the camp anymore, which was the next thing she noticed. The last thing, and probably the most important, her wolf skin was gone. She shuddered. Oh, they were going to get hurt, bad.




Willow inspected the wolf skin carefully, nothing much special about it. She searched and search as to why it was being worn; possibly just the winter cold? Maxwell was tied to a post, to be dealt with later. She didn’t know what those people wanted, but its best just not to take chances. Even so, the robot’s actions did seem a bit harsh; leaving them in the cold snow like that? Yeesh. Night was coming soon, and the wolf skin brought her attention once more. It was soft, well taken care of, but worn, and smelled of that girl. She obviously wore this often. She looked around before hiding in one of the tents to put it on.


Nothing real special, but, a headache started forming, getting bigger, and bigger, quickly. Willow was scared, hastily taking the thing off her, but the headache still grew, and she moaned in pain. And all at once, It stopped. But what replaced it were whispers she didn’t understand, and a creeping shadow lurking just beyond her sight, it was growing, even more so, even after she stumbled into the open areas of the camp. Wolfgang came over to see what the problem was, but she slashed at him. She was scared, really, really scared. It didn’t stop. It only grew as night came, and growing, nawing, yelping, could be heard. Blood was everywhere, just on everything, everyone, it oozed out of the darkness is crimson pools, splattering on her surroundings.


She was shaking, the fire doing little to help her.


Madness was consuming her.




Wynn managed to squirm out of the rope, and untie the clown just before the sun was falling. Breaking off branches and leafs, barely able to make them a decent fire. Wes is wary, but no longer cowers. He is just cautious, she sees, not just some useless wimp. Even so, he’d have to prove himself to her, in order to gain that respect. She’d have to wait till the morning to find the camp, but until then, it was going to be a long, cold, sleepless night.





The snow finally stops, but issues still arise. The snow that had piled up is thick, and searching will be painful, but she’s not about to give up on the looking. She slinks around the snow, having it deep enough to hide in if she crawled. Once she saw wall, she pulled Wes down in the snow with her.Wynn was kind of surprised that the boy stuck with her instead of running off. Pretty darn happy too. She leads him through the snow, the cold chilling her arms, no longer protected by thick amounts of fur. Only a shirt and pants were left on her, and it made her hate these people even more. Suddenly, she hit wall, and started going around it, moving mostly blind. She takes a quick look at where they are, and its nearing the back walls.



What she sees though nearly makes her vomit. There were bodies of the dead strewn around the camp, mostly rabbits and beefalo, but the stench of stomach acid and urin fills the air. These bodies weren't being eaten, and are starting to rot under the sun. No one is around, so she decides a quick look around should be fine. She tells Wes to stay put, but shes unsure if he heard her. Hes staring at the mess, captured by the sight.


"Please, stay." And she pushes him into the snow. She vaults over the wall, searching the chests and storage first, nothing. Next was the tents, and there it was. As she slips it on, the familiar pound of insanity fills her. She sighs, her only real home, only part of her world she cares for. The shadows whisper sweet murder into her brain with a warm buzz, a loving embrace of a demon surrounds her.She snaps back to reality as she hears screams outside the tent, along with a huge roar. The ground shakes under its weight, and her stomach goes numb. She had hoped she had lost it, would never see it again, but its still alive, its still real.


The deerclops



She has no time to sneak and just jumps over the wall and grabs the man. "We're leaving, now!" but hes stuck staring at it as it charges, unable to move anything. Damn it all.She slaps him as hard as she can, skin breaking, blood leaking, and he's awake. He wimpers. She didn't think he was that fragile, but apologies were for later, running was for now. She hurries him along, the giant stomping after them. It was almost child-like. They ran, and ran, but it just didn't seem fast enough. It slashed at the trees, a whole 20ft worth of trees, gone.


The running didn't seem like it did much but tire them, stitches forming in the wolf's stomach, but she knew she could keep going. It hurt, and another few feet of trees were gone. Something stirred in the forest, something big, and there were lots of them. She heard the creaking of wood, and the screams of the monster. She took a moment to look back, and, she laughed. It was great! Such a horror, but such beauty! These trees were killing it! She stopped, and soon, the man slowed and joined her. In all her time here, shes never seen such a thing, and she hopes she doesn't again. These were stronger than this giant, and with it dead, they returned to the forest, hidden away.Shes tired, and cold, and hungry.


She faints.

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SirKnight    5997

I wont have internet at some point and... Its not like it matters.. Cause no one cares about my story.. But... I dont know if i can write anything for a bit... Im sorry..

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SirKnight    5997

Adventure 2

Part 5

(damn has weaved its way into this story. I apologize; I’m bringing the language back to G. Though the violence.. still stays. Oof my goodness.  Even with ;a liking to the violent language, nobody here(in this story) says much of it. Maybe Willow… Maybe I’ll do a short back story on her. She seems feisty enough to speak such language..)

It’s only for a bit though, and she stands back up immediately.  Wynn tries to gather herself, ready to give those damned people a piece of her mind.  They’ve done nothing but cause her trouble, but really, what did she expect? Whose thought was that?

She looked around. Wes looked at her funny. “Nothing…thought I heard something…” She walks toward the camp. The rot was getting worse, the stink of meat and whatever was in their lower intestines was spilled everywhere.


She figured it was that deerclops that decided to stroll through, but how’d all these beefalo actually get here? They don’t usually wander into camps so willingly. Wynn makes the clown stay off to the side, having him as a backup plan… Yes… Brilliant…  


The wolf wanders over, searching for anything among the ruin. She could see some of the walls had been broken, and now that she had the time to look around, some of the chests were busted too. Most of the meat lying about looked fresh, so she ripped apart some chunks of meat, blood smeared over her face and wolf skin.  She gathered what she could before running off to go show the mime her findings, and bumps into something large. That’s what you get when you take the time to look at a bird.

“Uuuhg..” She rubs her head, going to stand, only to be picked up.  “Wh-Whoa, look, I’m not worth your time and energy! W-was just off to feed me and my buddy! I swear it!” She cowers, looking up at the strong man before her. “No, you been stealing!” He rumbles.  “Well!” She huffs. “That wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t steal MY things and leave me to DIE!” Wynn roars. “And I’m in no mood to be pushed around by some, muscled baby!” He lets go, looking more scared than mad. Good, she thought, stupid men…  Something went behind her, and looked to see a young woman.


“Oh for crabs sake… You people are like a damned illness.” The girl is fast, and runs up to her. Wynn grabs her by her face and pushes her in the snow. “Bad dog, learn your manners.”  Someone decided wearing the skin was a fabulous idea.  That was great, another dumb hound.  She bites her, recoiling in pain, Wynn takes hold of the girl’s neck instead, dragging her into the camp she probably came from. She was choking, struggling, fighting, scratching, clawing, and trying to get away. Wynn was waiting for her to pass out, and before she reached to camp, she did.

“Do you care about this woman’s safety?” She asks the little stalker picking up the girl. The large male jumps in surprise, and nods. “Then take her. She needs to bathe, and be given care. She’s suffering right now.” The man slowly makes his way over. Wynn hands him the girl carefully. She looks small as he carries her, like a child.

“Wilson told me about you..” Wynn looks sad as she says it. “Wolfgang is it?” He just stares at the young wolf. “Yeah... He told me you were a good guy… His hero was it...? You did something for him... And he never got to thank you…”

She nods and leaves the two, picking up the dropped meat along the way. The man didn’t know what to do… She knew Wilson?


Wynn cooks the meat, after cleaning it up a bit. She boils it; she had snatched one of their pots before the night came, with all the holes in the wall, it was easy. She felt a bit bad, but not too bad. She saw the girl freaking out, the man trying to comfort her. And some pile of junk that sort of looked like a human being. Nothing on that demon… seems they may have killed him.


She’s disappointed.


Not just a little disappointed, but very. 


After Wes had eaten, he went off to do something with an axe, probably chop wood. She doesn’t know, but she’s glad he’s helping.  She tosses another log onto the fire, staring into the dancing flames as they lick at the air with their warmth. Before she knows it, she’s lying down, and then fading in and out. She doesn’t see the mime come back, she doesn’t see anyone.

And it’s a dream, a dream that’s about that man, he sweeps her into a hug, and she’s so happy she could die.

So full of joy it could be her last day, but it wouldn’t matter, as long as the moment doesn’t end.

She squeezes him, but he’s fading away.

He screams for her help, something drags him away, and he screams.

He’s screaming,

And she feels his blood in her hands,

When had she taken off that skin?

But he screams,

His blood tastes great,

But his shouts haunt her,

He’s gone

Oh dear creator he’s just gone…

The fire is low, and the mime is asleep on the other side, Maxwell is snuggled up next to her. She hugs him close. ….

Wait a second.

“Aw hell… You’re still alive..”

He smiles up at her. “And you cuddle in your sleep, my dear.”

“Shut up, what’re you doing here?”

“Going back to the only woman who won’t gut me on sight.”

“Wow, you must have a lovely romance life.”

“You’re just jealous you can’t murder me, cause you got; Exactly. What. You. Wanted~”

“Shut up, I’m not interested.”

“Then why’re you still hugging me?”

“It’s below freezing, and the fire is nearly out.”

“Excuses, excuses.”



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SirKnight    5997

Why am I not surprised Woodie's a Bidoof. :-) Wilson would be a Pikachu, because main character.

Because I don't know what else to make woodie

And duuuurr :3

Wolfgang will be hard to place(cause dun wanna draw fighting pkmn ;-; )

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Tabs    258

Because I don't know what else to make woodie

And duuuurr :3

Wolfgang will be hard to place(cause dun wanna draw fighting pkmn ;-; )

I dare you to draw a hungry, wimpy Poliwrath/Machamp/Hariyama/Conkeldurr.  :wilsconnivingsmile:

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