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  1. Thanks! Reverse psychology crashcourse! Should've known that threat wouldn't work.
  2. Watching/reading about ''Don't Starve Together'' from afar. I would tell other people to try not to die.
  3. Everyone was just looking at me strangely - "why is Tabs ripping the flap off that cardboard box and grinning?" Yeah! This guy has no cold tolerance! What's wrong with him? Oh yeah, from the 2014 World Beard and Moustache Championships is this fellow: That's it, everyone. We have a real life Maxwell and Wilson.
  4. I was handling a bunch of boxes, and as soon as I saw the name here, I thought, Well gee, Maxwell doesn't look like the sort of guy to found a clothing company. The actual guy died shortly before the events of Don't Starve.
  5. I really tried to, but I just couldn't wait 6 more days.
  6. No no, I'm not asking for Reign of Giants to be any harder. I'm just saying I like how this cooking thing works.
  7. Definitely the first. Although he does have ice cream to eat. No kidding. You know what's even better about playing as Wilson? I didn't have the resources to prototype a razor, so he died extra quickly.
  8. I finally survive spring relatively sane and healthy, and BAM! Summer. Of course we'd do this in real life, but this ain't real life. I let my own thread die. Go me.
  9. I think they mostly occur on weekends, so if you find time... Aaaand pins.
  10. I made a walking cane. I could run faster with it! For a little while. I think I should have put it on a white sheet or something. Also, I cosplayed as Wilson for FanimeCon on Saturday! So if any of you were there and spied a crazy with funny hair walking around with a stick, that could have been anyone. But it might've been me.
  11. Everyone needs a nice hat. Even the mobs who want to kill me for some reason Nope - all I know is that it's a silent classic. I have not starved yet, so here's a picture. Multiplayer HYPE It took about two weeks of trial-and-error with the default settings just to be able to survive through the first winter, so there may be some difficulty if I introduce this game to my friends.
  12. Tabs, the last post of this topic is over 30 days! Shut up, it's not an old topic. Have you ever wondered what Wickerbottom writes in those books?
  13. Oh hello. I return to find that not only has my topic been spared the dreaded lock, I've been featured as well!? Happy days! Alas, I've found I still loathe the underground hound worm.
  14. MY EYES! Thank you. :>
  15. And nobody else. I mean, I forgot that ravens can fly.