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Pig Villages: Overpowered or Not?

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So, I found a pretty decent-sized pig village in my world some time ago. Every day or so, I kill them, get 8 pieces of Meat at the cost of 10% of my log armor, then they respawn again. I have acquired about 50 pieces of meat in just a week in-game.

The pigs also provide me with a ton of manure. I feed them my stack of flowers, then I kill them and they drop again along with the manure. With all that manure, I can just plant a seed and fertilize it twice so it instantly grows, snatching myself another bit of food.

I consume about 2-3 Cooked Meat a day, so I profit some vegetables and 5-6 Meat every day, food-wise. I think pig villages break the game a tad bit.

A solution would be to make the pigs NOT drop the flowers you fed them on death.

And also making them respawn less often.

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Honestly, changes to make things a bit more challenging sounds good to me. I'm on only my 3rd or 4th go at the game and I'm in a situation where I'm almost 90 days in and there's no end in sight unless I do something abysmally stupid. For a game that's supposed to be as tense as it is, where it basically says in the beginning "you're gonna die, but see how long you live" (read: Permadeath, Losing Is Fun, Rogue-like ahoy) it's a bit too easy at this point to find some of those little things (Pig Villages, Berry Bush Farms, etc.) that you can abuse until there's no danger outside of exploring the most dangerous biomes (which is mostly optional anyway).

These changes sound good to me. There's still wiggle room to add better, high-tier armor that absorbs all incoming damage. This change will nerf the "use pigs for manure, slaughter them for food and get your manure-producer back" cycle you can currently get into. All for the good, if you ask me.

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Two changes on Tuesday will help with this:

* The pigs won't drop what you've fed them

* Armour doesn't totally soak up damage - you still get hit a bit each time you get attacked

Cool, that means keeping some honey on me at all times for healing.

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