What about a Vegan Character?

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He could be ghostly pale ( like everyone else) and any meat he ate would do the same thing to him as monster meat does to the normal characters. He can eat grass but it would do the same thing a flower does for your health. and instead of growing a beard every 10 days he's such a dirty hippie he would grow some random vegetable or mushrooms and he'd have to shave it off name him some weird hippy name like Moonflow or something

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Let me first say this is an idea that I like I must, however, state the following:

Veganism is a choice not a condition. Eating meat whilst vegan causes no harm to a person. It is simply something they do not want to do.

Having spent 5 years of my life a fully practicing vegan (we'll have to talk about that dirty hippie remark) during that time in my life if I was to awake on an island with nothing I would've changed my ways immediately.

Now back to the good. This is a cute idea however I've actually played the game this way before. I roleplayed Wilson a Vegan, he ate no meat only veggies and fruits. It felt like hard mode, so every now and then when I've gone through all the new changes and whatnot I do it again and see how long I live.

As such he doesn't have enough benefit to be a standing character choice. Perhaps if he could make an item specifically (though I truly hate the idea of having character specific items) like a salad from grass...

Or maybe he's only available in the tent after so many days alive? I've thought about this before having characters who show up as you play. /shrug this is hard.

I quit.

Oh, and that Dirty Hippie thing. I've got my eyes on you!

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I like the hippie idea. Its a game its supposed to be kind of stereotypical that's half the fun in the character. Also what if vegetables healed and satisfied his stomach more than other characters so he is balanced. he cant eat meat and organic foods fill him more because he is used to that life style. :p

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I was thinking about hippie and vegan character ALOT aswel. But I decided not to post it here because hippies are (if I know) from 20 century. And this world seems to fit more in 18 - 19. Im just saying that we dont have transformers neither. But ofcourse if it is just in his mind (and no peace signs) it totally doesnt matter. I almost always play as vegie, because I save all the meat to the mighty king. I have not found it hard. But I have really generously generated world.

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Vegetarian- Sure. Great idea.

Vegan- Lets just leave that discussion for other arenas and Not the game forums.

From A Biomedical scientist stand point...

I fear that it would promote veganism which is downright dangerous practice in many cases (Sorry Royal) Vegan is associated with eating disorders in females. Rheumatoid arthritis in adults. Failure of development in children and adolescents. Infant death and failure to thrive.

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Cute idea, but a bit pointless. Royal said that it's a choice, and let it be so. I'm not sure where you guys find a challenge in not eating meat, though. The only meat I eat in the game is whatever drops from the Gobbler, when I have my backpack full. I use Meat for the effigy and morsels for gold nuggets. Truthfully I get myself 30 berry bushes, and they produce way more than I can eat. I have 5 full stacks of fried berries in a chest, and I actually stopped picking them, until I drop to 1 stack again. Why would you make a character that has bonuses towards growing veggies/berries, when it's already ezmode? O.o

That being said: I'm all for introducing more characters, even if it looks like a Dirty Hippy, just don't see the benefit of making him/her a farming combine (is that even a word in English? I'll have to check someday).

Randomness about Character specific items: Would it be too much if he could make a joint from grass and smoke it to pass the night instantly, like the grass roll? xD

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I don't like this idea for a character.

First of, if you clearly declare him a vegan, it's somehow a "statemant" that somebody out there will take as an offence, either the way he looks or the game mechanics behave for him (the suggestions OP made are indeed insulting in some ways, and that would never fit in a game that is to attrackt a large audiance), someone WILL get insulted, and since we all live in the internet nowadays, it WILL start a shitstorm, especially since topics like vegetarian lifestyle usually get out of hand in forums really quickly.

So Vegan Charcter = No, bad idea!

Playing a vegan lifestyle is like royal already said something that's great for a player challenge, something you madeup for yourself, nothing the game should dictate. I thought about doing it at some point too, but since I already ate meat in my current play, it wont happen atm, maybe next time, when ever that is.

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It doesn't sound to bad, but for me personally I just don't have it in me to kill a buffalo or Tallbird for meat for an Effigy.

Doesn't mean I don't eat meat, just not things I enjoy.

kill pigs? and if you don't want to make your hands dirty, befriend one, and send it to fight a tentacle...

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