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  1. I've started playing this game with headphones with no issue. But I've been trying to play it on the laptop speakers for a few days now and I can't manage to do so. With the headphones disconnected and the speakers set as default devices the game plays no sound at all. When i have the headphones connected but the speakers set as the only default device, ONI still outputs only to my headphones. I've tried reinstalling and still could not manage to get sounds from my speakers. I can't find an issue or solution outside of the game so I'm hoping to find something in the game itself. This is the only game I have this issue with, all other programs use the default output device, which makes me think it's a game-specific bug.
  2. Auto silk and monster meat farm. Just place two spider dens in a pig village. Loot heaven in the morning. Add a side effect of free meat and now pigbutts... I stopped this a long time ago but I figured it could be mentioned.
  3. I'd guess the new character is the only reason I do it Wickerbottom is released now right? haven't gotten to play it yet.
  4. Burnt trees can't burn again right? So that would be a fireproof wall for now.
  5. I just died at day 130-140 without an effigy so I need to start a new world anyways. But do I need to gather xp and die again if I want to unlock the new character? Or would it unlock anyways because I filled up the xp-bar?
  6. Is it enough to hold of the gru or does it just add cool details?
  7. There's also a vegetable that damages you right? That smelly green thing, forgot it's name.
  8. I'd suggest using an axe as it costs less and will still kill the rabbit in one hit
  9. Items don't despawn but food can be eaten
  10. Noticed this too when I switched tools while I held the mouse button. The durability was lost on the correct tool so indeed in can't be used for a durability exploit
  11. Ah so that's why only one of the fireflies is still around. I think it's a bit odd that the fireflies die if the durability ends but not if it's smashed to pieces.
  12. If I can trust the forums the pigs and monkeys will be a mutual exclusive choice right?
  13. Could be a cool challenge. And indeed rename him. Seems like all names start with a 'W'