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  1. Hey guys, I'm now broadcasting on twitch daily from 4pm till at least 8pm CST. Come check me out.
  2. You guys are awesome to the LP'ers of the community!
  3. Protein poisoning is actually a serious issue, but how the characters eats the rabbit isn't completely known. Eating only the meat and skin of the rabbit would eventually give you protein poisoning, but eating the whole rabbit (and I mean everything) would give you the carbs and fat you need to stave off protein poisoning.
  4. I'm Grover, the let's Play and Game of the Week part of the PrinnyCast team. Every week I choose a game that I or my subscribers suggested. This week we're doing Binding of Isaac. You aren't here to hear about that game, dammit! You want to hear about Don't starve! Don't Starve was a GOTW and I've now returned to it with out first Let's Play episode. I swear something about the graphics has been changed. It doesn't seem the same. I haven't read anything about the updates, so I'm jumping into the game completely blind from any changes that happened over three weeks. I'm also doing a MineCraft LP atm and planning to do let's play of most of my gotw from the past. If you want to see more than Don't Starve, take a peek here: and also check out our weekly Podcast at .
  5. I also hope they never remove the extra inventory that lets you carry stuff around when your inventory is full. It's saved my ass a few nights when I wasn't prepared and had to act fast, but didn't have any empty slots. It's utterly fantastic for those ADHD moments everyone seems to have at one point.
  6. Nope, isn't the cache. The files go to a empty drive that gets wiped after I'm finished with each project. Don't starve and fraps are on a SSD that still has about 40gb free.
  7. Fraps hasn't updated, and I've tested fraps with other games since this has happened. I know Don't Starve is the culprit. It might have to deal with the getting the update ready. I'm in no way complaining, I'm just letting them know, in case it needs fixing. Can't wait for the update. It's really going to be awesome!
  8. I've been doing a let's play for the game for the past week and everything was fine. Today I start up fraps and the game fps immediately lunges down to 5-6 and stops immediately when fraps is turned off. Oh and this is with steam. I know there is a slowdown bug, but that isn't this issue. Game runs smooth without fraps running still. [ATTACH]510[/ATTACH] Edit: RESOLVED! My HD for video editing is failing... DxDiag.txt
  9. I'm all for both ways. You can have no objective and do whatever you want, or you can run around and do quest or missions or whatever. I'd rather have both in the game than declare it should be one way or the other, just make sure both sides can do their thing without having to deal with the other side. Maybe different game modes, eventually, could accomplish this?
  10. Just make a PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals) character, and a PETA (People Ethical Treatment Animals) character.
  11. Yup, I watch LethalFrag nightly. He plays a lot of indie games, and leaves most of the AAA games alone, unless they're really worth it.
  12. OOT: HOLY CRAP, DOOD! Hades? Etna puts me through enough as it is!
  13. I agree. the devs are watching and talking about current ideas will help them with decisions. I'm also thinking that the farther you go from the spawn area, the harder it gets, so if you do just exhaust all resources and move on, you're going to have a more and more difficult time. I never suggest it being impossible to advance because the hostility of a area but you're sure as hell not going to ever sit idle while there.