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Raven's Dott Society Volume 2: Marvelously Terrible Events of Doom


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Welcome to Volume Two of my "hit" fan-fic, The Raven's Dott Society Volume Two: Marvelously Terrible Events of Doom, or RDSV2: MTED (Wow, even the abbreviation is long.) I hope you enjoy!


(Will)indent I continued to walk forward. How long have I been walking? 6, 7 months? I've lost count. I hear my stomach growl. Looks like it'll be time to eat my arm again soon. I'm going insane. This all is now routine for me. Walk, eat arm, regrow it. Wash, rinse, repeat. No one is coming for me. I can only rely on myself to get out of here. I continue to walk, as I cut off my left arm. The purple blood disappears before it can hit the ground. Before I cut too deep in my arm, I see a bright flash of light. As the light dies down, I look up to see a frighteningly familiar sight. "It can't be!" I gasp in surprise. "Say, Pal. You don't look so good."

Chapter 1: The Return

(Mallory)indent We were all waiting, behind the door. "When is he going to get here?" I ask, tired of waiting. "Soon, Mallory. Be patient." Harlekin whispered. The knob started to turn. I held my breath, and heard the door open. The lights turned on. "Suprise!" we all shouted. I open my eyes to see that it is not Raven who entered, but Landore. "Okay, so a question about the time I'm supposed to enter. I need to nail it for full effect." Landore inquired. "After you hear us shout surprise! Hurry and get out before Raven gets back!" ushered Waclaw. Landore nodded his head, and left the room after turning off the lights. We continued to wait. Finally, the knob turned again. The lights turned on. "Surprise!" we all shouted, again. This time, luckily, it was Raven. Raven just looked at us in shock. Suddenly, Landore burst into the room. "Honey, I'm hooooome!" Landore laughed. The look on Raven's face was priceless. A shadow drew upon Raven's face. Uh oh. "Raven? Are you okay?" I asked. "Landore!" exclaimed Raven, as he hugged Landore. That's it, Raven's gone even more insane. Huh, didn't think it was possible. After realizing what he was doing, Raven got a hold of himself. "How are you alive?" Raven inquired. "Raven, you seem to be forgetting the fact that I cannot die. Shall we right a sticky note and apply it to your head?" chuckled Landore. "Very funny." stated Raven, with a complete monotone and everything! "Well, anyway, I have come back to share my findings with you all. I am very disturbed by them." Raven sighed. He pulled out a small parcel, and opened it up. First, he pulled out a piece of linen paper. "This is the note that was in Will's handwriting. As I told you, it simply says, 'Don't Trust. Don't Believe. Trapped. Help'. I'm getting mixed messages from this boy. First he attempt to kill you, Landore, and then he asks for help." Raven summarized. "Maybe he's crazy, just like you!" laughed Harlekin. No one joined him. "Anyway, I believe it's time for me to rest. After that, off we go." informed Raven. "Where to?" I asked. "To get a human skin rug, of course!" answered Raven. And there goes my appetite.

Chapter 2: Say Pal, I Hate You.

(Will)indent I came to with on the ground. Oh sweet grass, how have I missed thee. Upon opening my eyes, I was treated to a beautiful summer sky. It was beautiful outside. Not hot, but not chilly. I sat up to have the moment ruined. Of course, it was Maxwell. "I swear to god, you tell me to find food before night, I'm going to stick that cigar down your throat." I threatened. I probably wouldn't have done it, but whatever. "Feisty, aren't you? Well, I'll skip the speech. You're here because of our deal. I busted you out, and you had to come here. Out of the frying pan, into the fire, as you mortals say." explained Maxwell. It came back to me. The endless walking, constantly eating my arm, Maxwell. It hurt my head just to think about it. "Well, great. If you excuse me, I'm going to go die because I have no idea how to make anything. Why did I agree to this?" I sighed in exasperation. "Wait one moment. I was prepared for this. I have this for you." Maxwell informed, as he handed my a small lump with a pull string on it. "What the heck is this?" I asked. "Pull it, and find out." ordered Maxwell. Might as well. I pulled the pull string, and for a few seconds, nothing happened. Then, out of the lump, came a plethora of images. Blueprints, creature, events, anything you can name.Why can't school be like this? Then, it would be over in a minute. Finally, the images stopped. I saw a piece of flint on the ground, and a sapling next to it. I plucked the twigs from the sapling, and grabbed the flint. Without any thought behind it, I attached the flint to the twig to create an ax. "There you go. Good luck!" laughed Maxwell, as he disappeared in a puff of smoke. Well, at least I have a chance of survival now. I wonder if any of the characters are here... and what version I'm in? Hopefully the release, so I can get out of here. Time to explore! Edited by Will
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Chapter 3: Infiltration

(Raven Crow)indent "Are you all ready?" I asked. They all chorused yes. "Great, we need to-" the floor started to shake. "What is this?!?" I gasped. The ceiling started to crumble. "Take cover!" I yelled. Seconds later, the ceiling collapsed. I dug myself up to see everyone was fine. "Raven, what's going on?!?" cried Mallory. "I don't know, but we need to find out." I responded. I put my hand in my coat pocket, and felt the reassuring handle of my scissors. We left the room to see the hallway was in shambles too. Everyone else was... gone. "Arm yourself. I'm worried a fight is coming up ahead." I suggest. I pulled out my scissors, Landore pulled out her whip, Waclaw drew his revolvers, and Mallory drew her staff. I remember when I gave it to her. It was when we saved her from one of Maxwell's stunts. He was tired of her father's work ethic, so tried to make him work through his daughter. We saved her, and inducted her. When we tried to see what we could do, she nearly killed herself with her magic. We found out that Maxwell had put a curse on her family to hinder their magic. The only way we could stabilize her magic was through the staff. So far, it's worked. But it is failing, and we might not be able to replace it. She'll never be able to safely use magic if that staff breaks before we can remove her curse. We made our way towards the main room. We finally arrived to see a lone figure in the dark. It turned toward us to reveal a white, luminescent eye and half a mouth. "I'm glad to see you ready to find me... too bad I found you first." whispered the figure. "Who are you?!?" questioned Waclaw. "You've already forgotten. The newbie. The runt. The crybaby. The emotional ****. I'm back to finish what I started. Isn't that right, Mallory?" laughed the figure*. "Will! I won't let you get away with what you've done!" I shouted. "Silence!" retorted Will. He lifted his right arm towards me. His fingers turned into shadows, and stretched towards me. I tried to jump out of the way, but they continued to follow. I slashed at them with my scissors, but to no avail. They wrapped around me like a boa. This power... only Maxwell's faction can use this! "Will! How could you join Maxwell?!? Why are you doing all of this?!?" I shouted. "For two reasons. One; I lust to see you destroy all that is dear to you. Two; It is rather entertaining." answered Will. "I wonder how many stitches I would have to remove to reveal what's inside..." thought Will out loud. My eyes widened. They had to get out of here if he really plans to. "Enough of this! You've gone mad!" shouted Waclaw, as he sprang into action. "This will be interesting." chuckled Will.

Chapter 4: A Quick Turn to the Worse

(Raven Crow)indent Waclaw pulled out his revolvers, and set his sights on Will. He launched a volley of energy towards Will. As he dodged them, they lit up the room upon hitting the wall. I gasped. Will was no longer even human, but a mismatch of demon and human. His right arm was corrupted, along with half of his head. Waclaw strafed to the right, firing a barrage of energy towards Will. I tried to get loose while the fight continued, but the shadow hand held tight. "Ready!" sang Harlekin, as he pulled out his latest weapon. It looked like a minigun designed to shoot bubbles. He pulled the trigger, and a barrage of acidic bubbles came out of the gun. "F**king Bubbles!" laughed Harlekin, as the bubbles reached their target. The ones that missed dissolved the walls and floors. Will jumped into the air, only being hit a few times. He rebound off of the wall towards Mallory. Landore intercepted him with his whip. Rose petals flew everywhere. Landore opened his Necrobunnicon, and quickly used a repulsion spell. As Will tumbled through the air, he landed behind Waclaw. Before he could react, Will attached something to him. Will quickly jumped away, and spoke into his watch. "He is ready." he stated. "Well, that is done. I really must be going now. You have some issues to work out. Ta-ta!" Will laughed, as he ran out of the room. The shadow hand disappeared. I fell to the ground. "Well, that was... unexpected." summarized Harlekin. "What did he mean by issues? It's not like we're arguing or anything." Mallory added. I walked over to Waclaw. "What did he put on you?" I whispered. "Well, it's on my back, so I can't quite see it unless you want me to break my neck." answered Waclaw. I looked on his back to see a small, metal nail. I tried to take it out, but it wouldn't budge. Strange. I ripped the part of his shirt concealing it. "Watch it, these clothes are expensive." muttered Waclaw. Under the shirt was the rest of the nail. Around the nail, however was something concerning. The area around the nail was metalized. My suspicions are confirmed. "Waclaw, we need to get that thing out of you. Code Alpha-Beta." I whispered. Waclaw's eyes widened. "You don't mean..." he replied. I nodded my head. "Alright, enough wondering. We need to follow Will. He can't have gone too far." I announced. I just hope we can find Will before Maxwell uses that nail.

*See Part One to see that this is not Will, but the demon that was sealed inside of him posing as him. The real Will is in the world of Don't Starve. Edited by Will
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Chapter 5: All Ur Base R Belong to Me

(Will)indent I pulled out my spear. Finally, some good luck. A free base. All I have to do is clear out that level three spider den... I gathered my strength, and let out a battle cry. I cut into the nest, as all of the spiders crawled out. I pulled out my gunpowder I found from a skeleton, and throw it down. Jumping back, I tossed my torch down, and caused the explosion. The nest and spiders were all torn to shreds. Luckily, nothing else was damaged, including me. I just might be able to survive if I can keep pulling off luck like this. I checked all of the chests to find a pitchfork, some wood, silk, honeycomb, and rocks. Beautiful, now I just need to add my own personal touch. I sawed the wood into nice, thick, boards, and dug out the grass with the pitchfork. I combined the boards, and made some hardwood flooring. After placing them down, I made my way to the alchemy machine. There were two envelopes attached. I pulled the older one out first. "I have done it. I have taken the next step towards survival, through science. With this machine, I will surely live. Hopefully, I can advance in the field of science unto greater things. -Wilson P. Higgsbury" I got excited. Wilson built this. I may be in the same world as him. How could this get any better? I pulled out the second envelope. "I have decided to move to a new location. The hounds are coming more often, so they might all know where I am. Attached is a map for anyone who finds this. -Wilson P. Higgsbury" Hounds? That reminds me. When are those hounds supposed to come, again? Day 7-13? It is day 9 now, so I should be ready now. I pulled the map, and copied what I didn't have to my map. I looted what ever I needed. So let's see... follow the road to a blank sign. Check. From the sign, walk left for 5 minutes. Check. As night started to roll in, I started my fire. After cooking and eating a few carrots, I relaxed. It's hard to believe this is some hell, when the world is so beautiful. And as much is so, I need to get out of here.

Chapter 6: Hounds? Maybe? Okay, No.

(Will)indent I awoke to a figure standing right in front of me. Needless to say, I was frightened out of my wits. It also didn't help that it was carrying an ax. "Well, would you look at that. Another one." sighed the man. I was still. "Let me help you up." offered the man, as he lifted me up. "My name is Wilson P. Higgsbury, the greatest scientist of all time. And you are?" asked Wilson. I rehearsed it in my mind a few times before saying my answer. "My name is Will." I replied. "I found your old base. It was pretty nice." I added. "Yes, that old thing. Surprised the hounds didn't tear it to shreds." Wilson chuckled. A moment of silence passed. Awkward. "Let me take you to my current base." suggested Wilson. "No place better to go." I sighed. As we walked down the trail, we talked about a lot of things. How much of a jerk Maxwell was, survival strategies, ect. "So you suggest killing the Werepig for more food? Never thought of that..." muttered Wilson. And of course, before we could arrive, I started to hear the barking. "Great. Hounds." I sighed. Now remember, I'm around 15 (Not telling you my exact age.) I'm not a good fighter. Sure, I could hit something with a stick and then blow it up, but I can't fight a bunch of blood hungry dogs. "Don't worry. We've got this." laughed Wilson. We kept moving as the barking grew into roaring. Finally, we reached the base. "Wait here." ordered Wilson, as he entered the tent. I heard voices inside. Wilson came out, followed by 3 familiar people. Wendy, Willow, and Wolfgang. "I found him in the forest. Just in time, the hounds are after him now." introduced Wilson. Again, awkward silence. Finally, the roaring stopped. But no hounds. I braced myself, but they didn't show up. The group put on their armor. I pulled out my poorly fashioned log-suit, and my spear. A loud crash came from the trees. I heard a deep, familiar roar. "No way! It's not even winter yet!" I gasped in horror. From out of the trees came the mighty Deerclops. Logic, you fail me. "It's as I suspected! This world has gone unstable! We have to leave!" Wilson shouted. The Deerclops raised his arms, and sent them flying down right towards me. I tried to move, but was held frozen with shock. That's when it happened.

Chapter 7: Boss Fight

(Will)indent As the arms came smashing down, the world almost seemed to have slowed down. On the arm of the Deerclops was my one hope. A single knife. I broke out of my fear, and prepared to jam the knife further into the Deerclops' arm. The knife sunk deep, and the Deerclops let out a terrifying roar. I pulled the knife out, and jumped back. I inspected the knife to see a diamond shaped patch on the front with a single vertical line in the middle. It looked as if there was a liquid inside of it. I lunged forward, and slashed the Deerclops. The gem filled slightly. I dodged its attack, as Wolfgang tore into the monster with his Dark Sword. I lunged forward and made a series of slashes. The gem filled completely. I was compelled to press it, with all of its butteny pushiness. The blade glowed a bright red. I ran foward, and slashed. The Deerclops roared in agony, as the blade went much further than before. I smiled in joy as the blood poured from the wound. I made a large series of slashes, as the Deerclops continued to roar in pain. Eventually, it stopped. But I didn't. I continued to slash. It felt so good. I felt a hand on my shoulder, and turned. Without thinking, I stabbed at the figure. The blade went right through the victim. I tried to see my new work of art, but my vision was too blurry. I took a deep breath, and pulled the knife from its chest. The figure slumped to the ground. As my vision returned, I started to see the victim. At first, I was worried. But then I saw who it was. It was Wes. "He killed Wes! You bastard!" yelled Wilson. "Well, I'm glad that is over." sighed Willow. I just killed Wes. "Great job, Will. Didn't know you had it in you." laughed Wilson. Dead person over there, that I just killed. "I did good too!" yelled Wolfgang. Oh well, no one cares. Why should I? I mean, it's not like I just committed homicide. Wes is a mime, for crying out loud! Edited by Will
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Chapter 8: Escape

(Will)indent We quickly got what we could carry. I looked through the chest to find a golden ax. Just like Will from my fan-fiction used. I pulled it out with joy. After loading my backpack, we all stood together. "Even though I just met you guys, I'd like to thank you for taking me with you." I stated. No response. Wilson pulled out his divining rod, and we followed the signal. I noticed everything was off. The sky was not bright, clear, or cloudy. There was no sun. The animals were gone. The signal continued to grow louder. It was a surreal feeling. The world was falling apart, but was so peaceful. As we continued, the ground started to crack. I grew worried. What if someone fell in? Falling back a little, I walked beside Wendy. "When did you get here?" I asked. There was a pause. "I can't remember. I've been here so long..." she whispered. "Do you remember anything about life before?" I inquired. Tears started to roll down her cheeks. I moved forward. "Willow, when did you arrive?" I asked. Another pause. "I cannot remember, but I don't care. We need to focus on now, not then." Willow muttered. Reasonable. The ground shook, but nothing else happened. The signal grew louder. Suddenly, the ground behind us began to cave in. We started to run. Wendy started to fall behind. I grabbed her hand, and carried her. The ground beneath me caved in, and I tossed Wendy. I jumped from chunk of ground to chunk of ground, trying to stay out of the void. I eventually stumbled to the edge of the stable ground. "That was close..." I whispered. I heard a cry. I turned to see Wickerbottom trying to run from the edge of the void. On my left side, was Wx78 doing the same. They both fell. I couldn't save both. Not without falling in myself. I pushed Wickerbottom forward into Willow's grasp, and leaped toward Wx78. "I need no help from a meatling!" yelled Wx78 angrily. I laughed. Just how I thought he would be. I pushed him into Wolfgang's arms, and tumbled down. Time seemed to slow down. "Will! You saved us!" Wendy cried. I smiled, shedding a tear. They didn't even know me. But they already loved me. It's too bad this is it. I pulled out my knife, and dropped it in the ocean. No one will find my treasure in there. As I fell, I heard mechanical noises as they used the Doorway to Adventure. At least they will make it. I welcomed the arms of darkness, as I fell into eternal sleep.

Chapter 9: Desperation

(Will)indent I awoke to the sound of water dripping from the ceiling. The walls and floor were purple concrete. The floor was flooded. There were no doors. A pit formed in my stomach. This is where it all began. I heard splashes. I immediately sprinted away from my location. I have to outrun it. The splashes became louder. I ran as fast as I could. Panting was added to the list of uncomfortable noises.I saw the branch in the hall, and ran down it. I came to a dead end. Lodged in the wall, was the knife. But it was different. The gem was green, instead of purple. It looked less dangerous, and more comforting. I lodged it from the wall, and turned. The black creature was advancing. "You aren't taking my body. There's already one of you out there! I won't let there be another one!" I screamed, as I charged. I took a leap, and slammed the knife down. The creature dodged, but I was ready. I slashed to the side, and hit the monster. The gem filled entirely, and the creature shrunk. Oddly, I wasn't compelled to press the switch. But I pressed it anyway. The room grew light, and I grew dark. Everything was opposite colours. The monster was a beacon. I slashed at the monster, at the blade was drawn to it. Instead of striking, however, it sucked energy from it. The monster continued to shrink, until it was completely evaporated. My vision went back to normal. My head started to throb, and I fell back. The room distorted, and then turned back to the normal corridor of the Society's hideout. I was back. But the place was in shambles. Cracks everywhere, and pieces of walls and the ceiling were on the ground. I sheathed my dagger, and walked forward. I followed the wall, and came upon a door. No one was inside. It was the meeting room when I was inducted into the society. Good memories. I looked around, however, to forget about them. In the corner, was a bloody corpse. It was badly mutilated, so I couldn't make it out. On the ground, next to it, made me whimper. Next to the corpse was Mallory's staff. I fell to my knees. What happened while I was gone?!? I broke into tears. I can't believe it... how could... she.. I lost all logical thought, and crumpled into a crying ball. I took her staff into my arms, and cradled it. I never got to express my feelings. I used the staff as support as I left the room. A trail of blood led down the hallway. I got a hold of myself, and walked down the hallway. I will make who ever did this pay. They will pay dearly. I pulled out my knife, and grabbed the one on the ground. The one I had dropped into the void. A smile grew on my face. I can't wait to empty the culprit. I'll stuff them. It will be enjoyable.

Hey everyone, I'm not dead! After an extremely long break, I've uploaded another part! Feedback is appreciated! Edited by Will
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Chapter 10: Sacrifice

(Will)indent As I walked down the hallway, I thought of many more ways to torture the murderer. First, I would remove their legs, so they could not run. Then, their hands so they could not use devices. After that, they would be all mine. I could experiment. See what adding machines here and there does to a person. I could use it for my career. I stopped as I heard voices. "One of the life signs... vanished." said the first voice. "Who was it?" asked the second voice. "It was.... Will..." replied the first voice. "Damn it all, everything was going according to plan. Will was to find Maxwell, and take his place. Now what will we do?!?" questioned the second. Me? Be sacrificed? Not going to happen. "We'll just set up another plot to get him in there again." sighed the first voice. "Is something the matter, Waclaw?" asked the second voice. I nearly gasped. Waclaw?!? He's alive! But then again, he is conspiring to sacrifice me. "I don't like this, Raven. It feels wrong. He's so nice, and he really believes that he can help." answered Waclaw. That's where my rage boiled over. Raven was trying to sacrifice me. My hero, the one who got me into art. I kicked open the door. "You monster! I can't believe you are trying to sacrifice me!" I yelled. Raven was shocked into silence. I pressed the red gem, and stabbed at Raven. He leaped out of the way. "Waclaw, leave me. I have a matter to settle." ordered Raven. Waclaw ran out of the room. "Will, you don't understand. I believe you are able to resist the urges of the throne, and you will be able to create a session of peace." briefed Raven. "I don't care about what I can do! You are trying to bound me in a chair for eternity! I'll kill you before that happens!" I screamed, lunging forward. With a look a disappointment, Raven parried with his scissors. "You know, we found that monster disguised as you. He's locked up." Raven acknowledged. I lunged again, and made a direct hit. The green gem filled instantly. I pressed the switch, and entered the beyond. What I found made me drop my weapons. What was in front of me was a enormous mass of darkness, hatred, anger, and anguish. I composed myself, and lunged forward. Raven was in the center, looking confused. The knife attracted the stitches. Raven started to panic, but quickly gained control. He sent me flying. I entered the real world again to find the dark mass leaking from where the stitches were removed. "You don't want to go there." chuckled Raven. I believe I do, as a matter of fact.

Chapter 11: Dark Past

(Will)indent I started to slash at Raven to fill up my green dagger, but he easily dodged each attack. That's when I remembered Mallory's staff. There was a slot in it. In the slot, resided a purple crystal. One of the gems fit perfectly inside. I took out the purple gem, and put the green one inside. The staff started to spark. I pointed it at Raven, but nothing happened at first. Then, his stitches were attracted to the end of the staff. The gem started to fill very slowly. Raven sent a barrage of crows my way, but I held strong. A few stitches fell to the ground. More of the dark mass oozed out. Raven started to panic. I had found his one weakness. The gem filled, and I activated it. Suddenly, all of Raven's stitches fell to the ground. Raven's eyes immediately emptied of emotion, and skin lost all life. He fell to the ground. The mass grew. It gained life. I pulled out my red gem, and inserted it into the staff. Suddenly, I felt a choice. With the red gem, it seemed I could absorb insanity for power. With the green gem, I could banish it. I had no idea what the purple one did. It seemed I was in charge of Raven's fate. Should I absorb his power at the cost of losing my mind? Should I end the darkness forever, but kill him? Or should I try the unknown purple gem? I removed the red gem, and inserted it back into the blade. I threw it to the ground. I pulled out the green gem, and inserted it into its blade. I sheathed it. I pulled out the purple gem, and inserted it into the staff. I pointed it at the mass, and it leaped onto me, covering me. I fell into a dark room, with the floor, ceiling, and walls all black with moving red on them. In the center of the room was a small boy, in a desk. He was drawing. He finished, and got up. "Look, Ms. Madison! Look what I drew!" he cheered. An elderly woman appeared, sitting at a large desk. She looked at the boy, and took the picture. "Child, how many times must I ask you this? You are not to draw during assignment time!" she yelled, as she tore up the picture. The boy tugged on her dress, in tears. The woman kicked the boy away. I was appalled. A whole class of people appeared around the boy, all laughing and shouting insults. This reminded me of my social life, except maybe not as bad. Then, everything took a turn for the dark. The boy got up, and was looking down. On his desk, was a pair of scissors. He grabbed them, and stabbed a child in the throat. Everyone screamed, and the teacher tried to grab the child. The boy slashed at the woman's ankles, and stabbed her in the heart. She died immediately. The boy went on a rampage, killing everyone. Then, he turned to me. "You'll be my friend, right?" he asked. He then broke into insane laughter. I backed into the wall, and he closed in. "Killing is fun!" shouted the child. I then realized who this was. This was Raven, as a child. As he approached, he cut into himself. They formed the pattern that would be his stitches. Suddenly, all of the "props", including, young Raven, disappeared. A figure fell out of the ceiling. I approached it to find it was.... my god. It was Mallory.

Edited by Will
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oh,oh! you "kill" me.my dark past is much more darker than this "evil grin"

Eh, I can only put so much in one chapter. The rough draft was about as long as 3 chapters. I'm working on putting more in, and not just about you. About everyone!
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Chapter 12: Fear and Insanity

(Will)indent I ran up to Mallory. She was alive, thank god. "Mallory! This is no time for sleeping!" I shouted as I shook her awake. Her eyes fluttered open. As she saw me, her mouth gaped open. And then she tackled me and pinned me to the ground. "I've finally got you, you backstabbing freak!" she shouted, as rang my neck. "Jesus christ, stop!" I yelled. "I have no idea what you are talking about!" I shouted in between shakes. A loud plop sound came from the wall behind us. We looked over to see a humanoid figure, the same texture as the wall, getting up off of the floor. "What's that?!?" I asked. More plops emitted, and more figures climbed off of the floor. "Mallory, whatever issue you have with me, can we settle it later?" I requested. I handed her her staff, with the purple gem inside. "Of course that was where it was, you stole it!" she shouted, as she hit me over the head with it. "Jesus, enough with the abuse! I found it next to a corpse, which I thought was you, by the way!" I retorted. She hmphed, and readied her weapon. I unsheathed my dagger. "Here they come..." I muttered. We were surrounded. The monsters were closing in on us. I lashed out with my dagger, and Mallory used her staff to amplify her magic. Upon hitting some of the monsters, I realized they were a sort of goo. Perfect! I performed a spin, and took out a large group of them. Mallory slammed the ground with her staff, creating a large shock wave. She then pulled out her own short sword, and stabbed the disabled creatures. I turned to see the previously defeated enemies reforming. I felt a warm feeling on my left arm, and turned to see one of the creatures had grabbed onto me. I tried to kick it off, but it held tight. More grappled onto me, and started to melt. They were trying to cover me up completely! "Mallory, help!" I cried. Mallory just looked. She went back to protecting herself. I felt betrayed. More of them covered me up. Suddenly, everything faded to white. What is this?!? I appeared in an empty room. A younger version of me appeared. He was crumpled in a ball, crying. In between sobs, he said such things as, "Why do they all hate me?!?" or, "What did I do wrong?!?" I remembered what this was. This was when I got in a big fight with one of my friends, and they let it slip that all of my other "friends" hated me. That's what made me become so morbid, hateful, and pessimistic. Then next to him, appeared young Raven, standing in a fit of insane laughter. I'm lucky what happened to me wasn't as severe as what happened to Raven, or I'd be just like him. Just like him. The younger me started to look... off. He stopped crying, and started laughing. He rose from the ground, and drew out a knife. He held it to his skin, and cut along the top of his left arm. A scar appeared on my left arm, where he cut. He drove the knife deeper, and the scar became stitched. I started to panic. I could not let this happen. I ran at my younger self, and threw the knife away. I grabbed hold of him, and hugged him. "Everything will get better." I whispered. He stopped laughing, and started crying. The stitching on my arm disappeared, along with the scar. His arm healed. "Go ahead and cry. There is nothing wrong with it." I whispered. He continued to cry into my shoulder, as everything faded to black.

Chapter 13: Reality

(Will)indent I opened my eyes to see the figures still on me. "You know what? I'm tired of this!" I yelled, as I activated my dagger. I entered the beyond, at destroyed the immediate danger. Then, I went for the ones after Mallory. The effect wore off. I attacked my enemies once more, and filled up the gem. "Mallory, hand me your staff!" I shouted over the noise of more ploping. "No way am I handing you my staff!" she retorted. "Just trust me!" I begged. She handed me the staff. I removed the purple gem, and inserted the green one. At once, sparks flew out of the staff. I activated the switch, and a laser came out of the head of the staff. Upon contact with our foes, they evaporated. Right as the laser switched off, I defeated the last foe. I removed the green gem, and inserted the purple again. I handed the staff back to Mallory. The room started to fade back to the large area where I fought Raven. The dark force was going back inside of him. "Will he be alright?" I whispered. "Yes, but no thanks to you!" Mallory shouted. I wasn't going to argue. I probably could have handled that much better. And right before I could agree, her sword went into my stomach. "What the f**k?!?" And that's for trying to kill me and Landore. The sword came out, and I fell to the floor. I tried to protest, but the sword came down into me again. "And that is for trashing my house!" she screamed. She pulled out the sword, and thrust it back down again. I block with my dagger, but it only moved the sword away from my heart. I rolled onto my back, pulled out my ax. "I... didn't..." I started. The sword came down, into my naval. "I... didn't... do..." I tried again. The I blocked the sword completely this time. "I...didn't..do...it..." I whispered. What are these things that she is accusing me of?!? Trashing her house?!? Trying to kill Landore and Mallory?!? "Don't lie to me!!!" she screamed in rage, as she threw her sword away. She then stood up, and walked to the side of my head. She lifted her foot. She was going to curb-stomp me! I rolled out of the way as her foot came down. A loud, yet slow clapping sounded. The door Waclaw ran into opened to reveal... me?!? What the hell?!? "Amazing job, Mallory. I see the power of assumption is rather prominent in you imps. Now, it fills me with pleasure to see you kill an innocent, but I must be off. I'll leave you and your half-dead friend with my new pet. I'll tell Landore you said hello!" the doppelganger chuckled, as he disappeared in a puff of purple smoke. "What?!?" Mallory yelled. She turned her head toward me again, and her eyes filled with tears. "Oh god... oh god... what have I done?!? I'll fix you up!" Mallory cried. "Mallory, stop. It's no use. I'm going to die. I'm only human. If not from blood loss, from immense trauma. I'm not a half-demon anymore. I'm just a normal child." I whispered. "He said something about a pet. It will most likely want to kill you. Run. It'll kill me before it can chase you. Find the others, and get to wherever Landore is. Raven will probably awaken before it turns on him, and destroy it. There won't be a burial. Have everyone believe I'm a traitor. It will be... easier..." I added. Mallory nodded, and ran. She left her staff. I reached for it, and tried to use it to prob myself up. The pain was too great, I fell back to the ground. I can't let myself die now. I'm so close to fulfilling my plan I just need to.... "Taste the rainbow?" suggested a voice.

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Chapter 14: Thanks, Doc!

(Will)indent I looked up to see Harlekin looked down at me. In his arms, he carried a- wait a minute, that's the Rainblower! What the heck, is the world running out of originality?!? I extended my arm, and he lift me up. I used the staff as support. "You're going to need this, where you're going." he laughed. He handed me belt, with many attached pouches. "Everything you could need is in there. Now use this med kit, and go." Harlekin ordered. I opened the kit to find tubes of healing salve, antibiotics, bandages, gauze, and 2 collapse-able stints. I applied as many bandages as possible, using the antibiotic on all of them. The left over cuts I used the healing salve on. I put the gauze and stints in the largest pouch for later. The pain was much more bearable. "Thank you for everything!" I said, as I shook his hand. The door blew open. For a moment, all was calm. Then the room grew cold. Out of the door rushed many shadows, removing the lights. In the darkness, I was able to make out plenty of disembodied eyes. "Will, run. You might know what is going on, and if so, it'd help us all if you left." ordered Harlekin. Oh, I knew. This was no one else's work but a Beta Reaper's. And who in that room could become a beta reaper? I fled down the hall, and down another. The way to the machine was imprinted in my mind. I came upon the computer room, the only one undamaged. The machine was safe inside. I turned the levers, and offered my blood. But I did something different. I had a sample of the darkness from Raven. If he created the world of Don't Starve, then this may have come from the island's source. If I add this, I may get a shortcut past adventure mode. If it doesn't... I poured it in, and pulled the final lever. Instead of being grabbed, however, the door just opened. The portal was a dark purple. This is it. I walked through the door, as everything turned white. Images of my family entered my head. How long has it been since I've seen them? My mother? Father? Brother? Dog? Too long. If I ever get back, I'll never take them for granted. Even though I didn't do it back then, it's cliche, so why not. Heck, while I'm at it, stay in school, follow your dreams, and be origin- oh wait. Forget that last one. I appeared on the other end of the portal. Not what I was expecting. It was a humongous dungeon. Great. Let me guess, is the final boss a dragon?

Chapter 15: Rainbows, Bubbles, and Buttons!

(Harlekin)indent I prepared my weapon, as Waclaw entered the room. So that's what that impostor flung into him, a transceiver for Maxwell's magic. No mercy, I need to get him back. I let loose the rainbows, as they rapped around him. While they strangled his body, I pulled out my acidic bubble dispenser. Great at parties. I opened fire, as the green, airborne objects flew their course. That should keep him still while I find something to bring him back. Let's see here... Damn. Nothing in my pack. I'll just have to beat some sense into him. Waclaw broke free from his colourful prison with ease. He sent his shadows after me. In panic, I used the the object in my hand to reflect the monsters. I looked to see what I had used to find an empty bottle in my hand. Nifty, but I'd rather use a nice, colourful sword. I unsheathed my Pearl Blade, and entered a defensive stance. Raven began to stir, but continued to be unconscious. I charged, and made a slash at his wing. He sent me flying with a gush of wind. I was quickly surrounded, but dispatched them with my magical, fruit-tastic rainbows. A straight charge won't work, so I need a distraction. Out of my pouch I grabbed my strobe bombs. Upon hurling them down, the room was covered in brief, but continuous flashes of bright light. Waclaw shielded his eyes, as I closed in. Jumping into the air, I pulled my sword down, along with one of his wings. On the wings, were Waclaw's 2 revolvers. I put them in my smallest pack, and pulled the string. They were in Will's hands now. The flashes died down, and Waclaw let out a screech of fury. His mouth started to light up, as he absorbed energy. I was already half-way to him when he let out his charge, but to no avail. I was hit in the shoulder. My shoulder felt icy cold, and was now a transparent black. It began to slowly spread about my body. Time limit, eh? I can deal with that. I continued my sprint, and managed to completely de-wing Waclaw. He landed, with his arm outstretched. The shadows closed in once again. My weapons were out of range. "Raven, now would be a good time to pull yourself together!" I yelled. No response. I gritted my teeth, and clenched my hands. He's going to kill me for this. "Hey, Your Majesty!" I shouted at the top of my lungs. His eyes snapped open. "Harlekin, I thought we had an agreement for you to NEVER call me that!" he yelled, as he got to his feet. He surveyed the situation. A chuckle escaped his lips. "Ready to meet Sharpy?" he asked, as he flew at Waclaw. Ah, there's the Raven I know and love.

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sorry for not leaving the comment sooner.i read it and sometimes confused me that who's point of view in which chapter.

That's what everyone I've shown it to has said, too... Me thinks it is time to label whose perspective it is...
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