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Found 103 results

  1. Add the RoG and SW characters to the steam card packs for DS single player
  2. Right, so while doing something else I noticed that my pumps in polluted water started generating steam in huge amounts at 120C. Well below the temperature polluted water boils at normally. So I mashed this test together. First thing is to make sure you build from 3 tiles thick walls as there's massive cavitation going on and even 2 tiles high water will disintegrate walls in no time. Then make sure the chambers are filled with a vacuum. Next fill 4 tiles with 800kg of 120C polluted water and start the pump. After 320 seconds that 3200kg of polluted water have turned into 3198.5kg of polluted water, 3198.5kg of steam, and 1229g of polluted oxygen. Note there's no dirt generated.
  3. I've noticed that steam can condense into water inside gas permeable mesh tiles. resulting in pockets of water being trapped - this should probably break, or at least damage the tile
  4. Update: See linked posts below for an example build The First Law Mk2 design: The First Law Mk1 design: Hi all, for a while now I've been thinking about attempting to use Thermo Regulators to boil polluted water. I understand the "easiest" method is using the liquid tepidizer but it creates a lot of heat that has to be shed from your base via other methods. So polluted water's vaporization point is 119.4 C while thermo regulators made of Gold Amalgam will overheat at 125C... Not a wide temperature margin to play with. I've seen screenshots of people using water dripping methods over thermo regulators (and other machines) in order to greatly accelerate heat transfer between the machine and the liquid. I was thinking of a setup like this: Polluted water dripping over 6 thermo regulators, hopefully keeping them from overheating. Any liquid that makes it to the end is pumped up and put back into the system. Any steam created would be sent through those 6 thermo regulators, cooling it from 120 degrees to a much more comfortable 30 degrees for use inside the base and providing the heat to create more steam. Has anyone tried this before, can it work?
  5. I was gifted a copy of Shipwrecked on Steam (I've been playing Reign of Giants and Don't Starve Together for years now), accepted it, installed it. Now when I start a game, I get checkboxes that come up for RoG or Shipwrecked but I can't click either one. I can start a Vanilla game and it asks me "would you like to make this world compatible with Shipwrecked, which will enable things like wetness and overheating?" so it knows that the game is there. When someone else who owns the DLC plays on my computer, they can start a game with RoG or SW just fine. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, no luck. What's happening here and how do I fix it? I want to be killed by more exciting types of weather. Screenshots of the trouble Apologies if this isn't the correct forum thread to post this in.
  6. Hello everyone Introduction This is about a new plumping part which i would like to see in the game. It uses the energy of gas under pressure to produce electrical energy. In the process the gas will be cooled down as well. A nice and realistic addition to the newly added geysers. It would be some sort of steam generator or engine which could be used to convert the hot steam emitted by an steam geyser into cool water and electricity. Idea My idea focuses on steam geysers. They emit tons of water in form of hot steam which is a great source for a permanent water supply, if you can deal with the heat. Sadly there is no proper way to deal with it, besides transferring the heat to another medium. There should be a steam generator or a steam engine of some sort which converts the heat energy to electrical energy. This way the heat wouldn't be just straight up wasted and it wouldn't make it a giant effort to gain water from hot steam. Physic This works with any gas, since such generators use the higher pressure that hot gas puts on pipes but its commonly used with steam. They run the high-velocity gas (due to high pressure) through turbines which convert the kinetic energy(movement energy) of the gas to electrical energy. This also cools the gas down. So electrical energy can be won by cooling down hot gas without emitting the heat energy to its surrounding. Important for this procedure is, that the output area of the gas is at a lower pressure than the input area so the gas flows from input to output. Such generators generate between 1 and 4 kilowatts, depending on size and efficiency. There is of course higher physics to it but since the game held it easy so far with the physics i guess it should do it here just as well. In game In the game the steam generator would be a simple plumbing part like a hydrolyzer, taking in gas and emitting electricity and the same gas but cooled down by a certain amount. Maybe even producing a different amount of electricity, depending on the inserted pressure and the density of the gas.The Problem with this idea are the gas pumps which would have to insert the gas, since they overheat very easily at 75-125 degrees (depending on building material). There are two ways i see how to solve this. One would be to add heat resistant versions of plumping parts to be able to pump off the hot gas without overheating the components. Pumping it through a steam generator would produce energy out of it and cool down the gas. The other would be to include natural gas flow between gas vents depending on the surrounding pressure of the different vents. This way a small high pressured room with a geyser(room A) connected to another cooler and low pressured room(room B) by gas pipes and vents would create a pressure based gas flow from A to B without having to add any external pressure building devices like a gas pump. In room B a gas pump could pump out any cooled down gas that exits the vent to create a permanent low pressure area to sustain the continuous gas flow. In the middle of the flow a steam generator could take over the cooling part and generate energy from the gas flow. The energy generated from it shouldn't be at 1-4 kilowatts since this wouldn't be very balanced. I think something like 500 to 800 Watts would be in range, then again that is up to the game devs to decide. An example construct could look like this. The natural gas generator would be replaced with the steam generator of course. In case heat resistant gas pumps are implemented instead of pressure based gas flow through vents and pipes the geyser room would have to include a gas pump and the water room wouldn't need one. The gas pump would create a lower pressure in room B which causes the steam to flow from the geyser in room A through the generator. There the steam is cooled and energy produced. The energy runs out the heavy watts wire (since output maybe over 1 kilowatts) and the cooled steam ends up in room B. There it condensates to water and is pumped off by the liquid pump. In case there are any other gases in the system the gas pump will remove it. This way dupes could access the system without screwing the pressure system. If it would be a closed system i guess the gas pump wouldn't really be necessary except for optimizing the gas flow in the beginning by removing anything else than water from the system. Please leave a comment about what you think and share / push the topic to get the devs attention. Greetings Shmobi
  7. Howdy, My name is Baron Blackbird & I stream for ~9 hours per day on the days I stream starting at 2100 PST (UTC -8). This will be our 2nd give away--- our first was on the 22nd & we gave away a copy of Don't Starve & Reign of Giants. Congratulations to our winner: twitch member MadyCF. I currently divide my stream between Don't Starve & Dungeon Defenders II & my upcoming schedule is detailed below. December Dates: 26th, 27th 28th & 29th January 2015 Dates: 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th 11th, 12th, 13th & 14th If you like playing either of these games, are debating about purchasing one, have questions or simply want to be a part of a great community on twitch come on over to our stream & lurk or chat it up! On December 26th we will be giving away a copy of Don't Starve Together during the Don't Starve portion of the show. Hope to see you there, Baron Blackbird My Twitch Channel You can always hit Follow on my twitch page ahead of time, to be notified when I go live just be sure to have notifications active on your twitch profile. If you would like to know when I start streaming in your time zone, use the online convter of your choice or this one found: Here
  8. I have tried reinstalling game, deleting all the contents manually before it, forcing to load mods as described in .lua file. None of this is working. (Subscribed to mods via steam workshop. All mods are loaded in mods folder correctly, but no mods in game, only links to download at right column) [Linux]
  9. Hi, i got a problem then i try to start a new game. This happens if im starting a new game: Please help me!
  10. Welcome to Volume Two of my "hit" fan-fic, The Raven's Dott Society Volume Two: Marvelously Terrible Events of Doom, or RDSV2: MTED (Wow, even the abbreviation is long.) I hope you enjoy! Prologue (Will)indent I continued to walk forward. How long have I been walking? 6, 7 months? I've lost count. I hear my stomach growl. Looks like it'll be time to eat my arm again soon. I'm going insane. This all is now routine for me. Walk, eat arm, regrow it. Wash, rinse, repeat. No one is coming for me. I can only rely on myself to get out of here. I continue to walk, as I cut off my left arm. The purple blood disappears before it can hit the ground. Before I cut too deep in my arm, I see a bright flash of light. As the light dies down, I look up to see a frighteningly familiar sight. "It can't be!" I gasp in surprise. "Say, Pal. You don't look so good." Chapter 1: The Return (Mallory)indent We were all waiting, behind the door. "When is he going to get here?" I ask, tired of waiting. "Soon, Mallory. Be patient." Harlekin whispered. The knob started to turn. I held my breath, and heard the door open. The lights turned on. "Suprise!" we all shouted. I open my eyes to see that it is not Raven who entered, but Landore. "Okay, so a question about the time I'm supposed to enter. I need to nail it for full effect." Landore inquired. "After you hear us shout surprise! Hurry and get out before Raven gets back!" ushered Waclaw. Landore nodded his head, and left the room after turning off the lights. We continued to wait. Finally, the knob turned again. The lights turned on. "Surprise!" we all shouted, again. This time, luckily, it was Raven. Raven just looked at us in shock. Suddenly, Landore burst into the room. "Honey, I'm hooooome!" Landore laughed. The look on Raven's face was priceless. A shadow drew upon Raven's face. Uh oh. "Raven? Are you okay?" I asked. "Landore!" exclaimed Raven, as he hugged Landore. That's it, Raven's gone even more insane. Huh, didn't think it was possible. After realizing what he was doing, Raven got a hold of himself. "How are you alive?" Raven inquired. "Raven, you seem to be forgetting the fact that I cannot die. Shall we right a sticky note and apply it to your head?" chuckled Landore. "Very funny." stated Raven, with a complete monotone and everything! "Well, anyway, I have come back to share my findings with you all. I am very disturbed by them." Raven sighed. He pulled out a small parcel, and opened it up. First, he pulled out a piece of linen paper. "This is the note that was in Will's handwriting. As I told you, it simply says, 'Don't Trust. Don't Believe. Trapped. Help'. I'm getting mixed messages from this boy. First he attempt to kill you, Landore, and then he asks for help." Raven summarized. "Maybe he's crazy, just like you!" laughed Harlekin. No one joined him. "Anyway, I believe it's time for me to rest. After that, off we go." informed Raven. "Where to?" I asked. "To get a human skin rug, of course!" answered Raven. And there goes my appetite. Chapter 2: Say Pal, I Hate You. (Will)indent I came to with on the ground. Oh sweet grass, how have I missed thee. Upon opening my eyes, I was treated to a beautiful summer sky. It was beautiful outside. Not hot, but not chilly. I sat up to have the moment ruined. Of course, it was Maxwell. "I swear to god, you tell me to find food before night, I'm going to stick that cigar down your throat." I threatened. I probably wouldn't have done it, but whatever. "Feisty, aren't you? Well, I'll skip the speech. You're here because of our deal. I busted you out, and you had to come here. Out of the frying pan, into the fire, as you mortals say." explained Maxwell. It came back to me. The endless walking, constantly eating my arm, Maxwell. It hurt my head just to think about it. "Well, great. If you excuse me, I'm going to go die because I have no idea how to make anything. Why did I agree to this?" I sighed in exasperation. "Wait one moment. I was prepared for this. I have this for you." Maxwell informed, as he handed my a small lump with a pull string on it. "What the heck is this?" I asked. "Pull it, and find out." ordered Maxwell. Might as well. I pulled the pull string, and for a few seconds, nothing happened. Then, out of the lump, came a plethora of images. Blueprints, creature, events, anything you can name.Why can't school be like this? Then, it would be over in a minute. Finally, the images stopped. I saw a piece of flint on the ground, and a sapling next to it. I plucked the twigs from the sapling, and grabbed the flint. Without any thought behind it, I attached the flint to the twig to create an ax. "There you go. Good luck!" laughed Maxwell, as he disappeared in a puff of smoke. Well, at least I have a chance of survival now. I wonder if any of the characters are here... and what version I'm in? Hopefully the release, so I can get out of here. Time to explore!
  11. I was talking to a friend and explaining all the planned and revealed thinks for Don't Starve in the future, when it occured to us: what if someone were to use the workshop to re-create the content inside the DLC and put it out there for free ? I really don't know what to think of this to be honest. What do you all think about this? Good, bad, easily preventable?
  12. This is a second thread for the Roleplay? Redux. If you want to join then you missed your chance. No more characters are being accepted. From here on out the roleplay shall commence! Current Characters ------------------- Shelby ~ Blewcheese Newnokoma ~ immichael2413 Emperor Melon (Monty) ~ Bilfy Samuel Bolesław ~ vingw Cat ~ WhispNcat Opal ~ Ellebelly24 Wilf Hezin ~ Jomber Samuel S. ~ TeoSS69 Alexander ~ Spelunker101 ??? CHARACTER PENDING ~ TheEndIsNigh
  13. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Crash] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 78071 Do you have mods installed? No Issue title Game crashes upon entering Cave Steps to reproduce Loading my save that is in a cave. Describe your issue After the caves update went live I found the nearest cave and opened it up. After jumping inside my game crashed. My save data now says Cave Level 1 and also crashes when I try to open it. There are no error messages or anything or that nature, just a crash to desktop.
  14. Achievements?

    Idk why but I feel like achievements should be added on Steam. Maybe to make the game feel more progressive. For example: All Hail The Queen - Kill your first spider queen. Survivor's Best Friend - Feed 100 pigs A Wild Koalefant has appeared! - Track your first Koalefant Make It Rain! - Give the Pig King 5 + more treasures. 20 years to Life - Entrap a bird in a birdcage Just small stuff like that so I feel like I'm not just randomly doing stuff to do them. It gives more incentive to do EVERYTHING in the game. I hope a modder sees this and maybe suggests it to Kevin. It doesn't have to be right away. Maybe just do it on your spare time (if you have any). I appreciate that great updates you guys are doing every 2 weeks. They are very small in memory size but huge in content. Keep up the good work.
  15. trees and more saplings to the left and a few more berry bushes too 1 crock pot and 1 ice box to the left bottom(out of pic) grass and buffalos to the bottom 2 effigy and 1 bee box to the right ....want to increase my bee box but well...need that silk for bug trap here's a look at my map to give u more of an idea... rocks to the left top corner n spider to the top right corner TIPS - unless u have established a lightning rod before the rains start, I advice not planting all the saplings and grass together.... I did that 1 time and lightning fell & destroyed them QUESTION - how to create BIG walls?? like in i can only create smallish walls:(
  16. Hey guys <3 I'm running this blog and for the sake of completionism, I would love to upload the journals that used to be on the old DS site/blog.I can't find them, though. Anywhere. I was hoping someone here has them archived and can lend a hand. Maybe the mod who wrote the things? They were quite amusing.
  17. You probably won't be forced to restart in a new world, but you'll probably want to since they are constantly improving the world generation with each patch and some things added to the game will only show up at world generation which means you need to start a new world (or use the teleporter in an existing one) to see them.But the official release patch is the same as any other patch...steam automatically updates the game when an update is available. The developers have also committed to at least 6 months of updates post release. So you'll get new updates through september at least.
  18. I know this topic has been addressed before in the past, but the method for making a backup or a copy has been broken for a while now (or I'm doing something wrong ); I haven't found any working guides up to date. If anybody knows how to backup (or can create a quick-save button because I know this is possible), please take a few moments of your time to post. Please, and thank you. :biggrin:Shame post, I know.
  19. Hello(first : im french and i speak english very bad :s )I'd like to know where the file loaction of the save of DS.Problem : I play it on Google Chrom, not on Steam.ThxHydrossP.s : this game is awesome !
  20. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Crash] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 73779 Issue title Wilson isn't here and camera can't move ! Steps to reproduce I bought the game on steam, so i install it, next i launch a game and... nothing! Describe your issue So when i start a game there are different cases, sometimes i appear in the middle of sea, sometimes i apper in the forest but, i can't see Wilson, and i can't move the camera (zoom; de-zoom, turn right or left...). I don't understand so please help me, i want to play to this amazing game!!! Thanks.
  21. It seems a lot of people are mentioning the new mobs and the warmth mechanic. But I have a few questions that I'm wondering if anyone else was thinking about. Plants usually die in winter. [*]Berry Bushes (And previous ones dying) [*]Farm Plots (And previous ones dying) [*]Carrots (And previous ones dying) [*]Etc... Animals in the winter. [*]Rabbits (maybe we'll get a new kind?) [*]Birds (Migrating, no more seeds?) [*]Spiders (Not leaving their nests?) [*] We'll really only have Beefallo, Pigs, and the new mobs I suppose. What do you guys think about this? Edit: Something that came up later in the discussion-
  22. 100 Days! I finally beat my record. (Which was 60 Days.) But now, i've gotten much farther than i expected... 100 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahem, so i decided to kill myself on Day 101. (Kinda regret that, but whatever.) So i officially survived 100 Days. And i thought to myself... "If I'm gonna beat that... I'm gonna have to have a good character..." So i thought and thought and thought... Until i decided to look to you guys. So, what do you guys think? Which character should i go with? Which one next? Tell me! Don't be shy! Btw, getting to 100 Days takes foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr................ Ahem, so...? TELL MEHHHH!
  23. I have been playing on Chrome since I bought Don't Starve, but am sick of playing it within a browser and want to activate it on Steam, but when I try to generate a Steam key, it says I can only do it by buying the game on the Chrome store??Where did I buy it from if I didn't buy it through Chrome (I only installed Chrome so I could get this game)??Also, I only have the 1 Chrome key - is this correct?Thanks in advance
  24. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 72218 Issue title Items sometimes dissapear after breaking building. Steps to reproduce Just break it down by hammer and wait. Describe your issue Dont be suprised about my resources.Its given by cheat engine to help me make this video. Video showing this bug: http-~~-// This work with firepit and Pig House too. This was i ealier versions too. ITEMS DOESN'T ONLY DISSAPEAR NEAR WATER, THEY CAN DISSAPEAR EVEN ON THE GROUND.