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Rotwood Demo is Now Available!

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Hack and slash your way through the Rotwood in this rogue-like dungeon crawler developed by Klei Entertainment.

In this demo, you and up to 3 of your friends can battle your way through two of The Rotwood's most daring Hunts. Unlock 4 different weapons that offer unique and interesting ways to skewer, bash and smash the monstrous Rots that stand in your way... then, once you're done, haul your loot back to town and upgrade your gear with the eccentric characters that comprise Flitt's brave expedition.

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I sincerely apologize for contacting you again with this, but I still have the same problems as last time, the game does not start on Steam and I do not understand what the reason is, the download was successful, could you help me, I would really like to test this product and experience all mechanics

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Spent the last 4 hours playing through the full demo and had a ton of fun. Definitely like the Striker the most of all the weapon choices. While there isn't much combo potential (that I know of) the juggling is super fluid and enjoyable.

I saw the game mentioned releasing in Early Access, is this going to be the case or will it be a full launch? Just wondering because I personally prefer full launches over Early Access stuff. Either way looking forward to more when the time comes! :love_heart:

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Absolutely fantastic. How do I sign up for the play testing? I don't post here much but I'm a total klei fanboi :D I'll do a write up later on the actual demo and what my testing thoughts are based on what we got to see. Thanks for the demo! 


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