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ZombiDJ's Don't Starve Fanart

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donnapu    25

Your style is really really really amazing! I like the way your give color particulary :DHope to see a Willow drawing someday, and welcome to the forums!

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ZombiDJ    308

Well, made a Don't Starve fan character. It was just a matter for time :)

Posted Image

Name: WeeJay “The Living Spark”

Catchphrase: “BZZZZZAP!”

Voice: Tesla Coil

Pros: Thunderstorms gives it the ability to electrify enemies. It can scare them off when one

reaches <30 health. Since it does not understand much of the world it takes longer for it to go insane.

Cons: Sometimes eats anything it picks up but can be retrieved if you click on its head before it’s done chewing.

Health: 180

Hunger: 250

Sanity: 200

Biography: A creature once created from one of Wilsons unsuccessful experiments.

It escaped into the wilderness right after being made trying to find a place it can belong.

Edited by ZombiDJ
changed the name from DeeJay to WeeJay to more fit the don't starve universe
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the1SAR    13

I've taken a good look at all your art, and... I like it a lot, especially the insane Wilson pics and comics! I want to see more of this.

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