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  1. Sir, you're a genius. I love this!pls maik moar, wan verr spuuki, ktanx
  2. Your style is really really really amazing! I like the way your give color particulary :DHope to see a Willow drawing someday, and welcome to the forums!
  3. I'm glad you like it :DAny other request? I don't have any ideas atm :I
  4. And done. Hope you like it, my friend!Abigail! Come back! I'm not done playing with you.Hope everyone is having a good weekend
  5. I was just about to ask for another request, but I will give the pleasure to someone else ;P
  6. Infinite + rep, and all my love. YES.

  7. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW <3It's so pretty!!! QQ Thanks a bunch, you did an amazing job in this one!Just about to go to college, and you made my day QQ
  8. Your second drawing is adorable QQ Welcome to the forums! I'm new around here too. I will think about a request, maybe an adorable family of hounds QQ
  9. I'll be working on it! I have so much fun drawings girls
  10. Your work is amazing and your drawing style is fantastic. I approve this thread and I give you my blessings.Keep it up!
  11. Thank you QQ At this very second, I declare a war between us. Since he spoiled me the end of the game when I just woke up ._.Some of you want a request? I'm most likely into cute/girly drawings. But please, no OC's, porn or furry! Ty, ty.
  12. All this time I thought you were doing another kind of stuff *cough*Good hidden art <.<
  13. Hi there! I found your job yesterday at dA, pretty amazing. Love all these little details.About the comic, that one made my day! =)Keep it up with your wonderful job, I'll be following your steps (Consider the last point as harrasment).
  14. Consider that as a seal of approval.
  15. Willow is my favorite character. Cus yes.I'll leave my dA: