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  1. Electrohead WeeJay WeeJay/Art © ZombiDJ
  2. youre actually the second person to comment this and I have no idea what that is xD;;
  3. "Get back into the tub" WeeJay doesn’t like bathtime :I Wilson © Klei Entertainment WeeJay/Art © ZombiDJ
  4. not in human form since his anatomy drasticly changes Hungry Eyes WeeJay/Art © ZombiDJ
  5. "bad experiment!" When Wilson got WeeJay he had a hand full looking after and teaching him not to eat anything but his own food. Wilson © Klei Entertainment WeeJay/Art © ZombiDJ
  6. Alright then, I just assumed it was about gender since you wrote "that type of guy" But same goes there about personal likes and dislikes
  7. Oooh so that's why you thought it was funny, I'm actually a Lady but even if I was a guy I don't think it would matter what I'd like to watch or draw people have different tastes :B
  8. Wholehearted WeeJay [X] - I blame this and regret nothing. WeeJay seeing girls for the first time in his life (not canon just for fun) Wendy/Willow © Klei Entertainment WeeJay/Art © ZombiDJ
  9. Weejay anatomy study Weejay © ZombiDJ
  10. sketches from my lunchbreak today, didn’t get more time to draw since I got home late. Still working on WeeJays origin and I’m trying to get Wilsons attic in order. This isn’t final but a good base to start off on. Also random Charlie
  11. These are still early sketches, I got the idea in my head sort of playing it back and forth to see what works. I might change some things even. I need to plan out how wilsons "attic" will look like. he wont have all his equipment there but it will look slightly like in the intro for the game. I'm still working on the layout.
  12. WIP sketches for a comic I’m planning on doing of WeeJays origin.