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Mobile game ads steal Don't Starve images

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The above is the original post. I am not the discoverer myself, I report this to Klei on his behalf.
The original poster said that he recently saw a mobile game advertisement on IG called "最後的都市"(Sorry,I can't find its English name)
This is his screenshot, this ad is extensively using images from DS for commercial purposes. 

This is the Google play store page and randomly found pictures  for that game.
Here can see that the display image is completely different from the one in the advertisement, to be honest, after searching, there doesn’t seem to be much problem with the images in the game itself, but the advertisement is obviously still a serious infringement. 
I don't know if it's the advertiser's problem or the game publisher's intention to do this, but it violates Klei's rights, so I forward this message here. @JoeW

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For funsies.

Apparently a highly rated card game across multiple metrics, particularly in Taiwan (common VPN location used by mainland China residents to get around the Firewall, for reference).
Published by what looks like a recently created burner company in Hong Kong.
...the description looks like it was generated off of parts of summaries of other works of fiction. Beautifully on the nose. 2077 is the most obvious bit, but a lot of it besides that is also recognizable because I'm a massive nerd that loves comparing narrative notes with other works of fiction lmao



I would wager to say that even the images that aren't immediately recognized as AI are also AI, or at a minimum AI-based.


Off the top of my head, Blitzcrank on top, Vi from League (if I had to guess, an in-game render of this skin) combined with Willow and Wendy to the left, one of the New Home characters combined with Red Riding Hood general traits in the middle...I don't know who on the right, but considering Vi is here, the far right probably used a render of Jinx as a base, considering how it's holding its gun.

...that's just one image, haha.


The most interesting implication here is there being an AI trained on this general style. Which we've seen before, but...not quite this...polished??
Wonder what the future holds.




1 minute ago, maradyne said:

...hm, one thing I didn't notice that further backs it up, that some people might not be familiar with.
AI has a tendency to throw colors into multiple, unrelated details when fed them.
The off-cyan spreading to her hair is likely a symptom of that.

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Well,this may disappoint you a bit, the recognition result I got from AIorNot(website that detects AI images) is "human".(Of course there is no guarantee of accuracy)
When intentionally pursue a specific content or style, AI will often show inconsistencies. As long as it generates a few more pictures, it will be obvious that there is a big gap in style between each picture. But those pictures didn’t make me feel the erratic inconsistency of AI, therefore, even if something other than a living person is involved, its proportion is not considered to be as large, or at least an artist who is good at PS has spent a lot of time cleaning up the mess for it.

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5 hours ago, Francis2000 said:

or at least an artist who is good at PS has spent a lot of time cleaning up the mess for it.

This was likely the case, someone drawing over provided AI images for speed, since it's not an absolute mess.
But I guarantee that the image I posted above was AI generated, at least to start with. Probably in multiple parts and layered together. It's visible in the weird, definitely stolen and disconnected but tangentially related details, like the color mentioned earlier. Or Not Blitzcrank's random details from other fictional robots.
There's also the matter of the hooded character's hood having randomly introduced streaks of color in another of their preview images. Someone just settled for 'eh, that generation's good enough' and shipped it.
The more glaring 'errors' have been removed, but not all, and the telltale signs are still there, especially in the overall character designs.

Oh, and...this is the other thing I was thinking of with the 'red riding' character.

Tangental details relating to a probable inclusion of Don't Starve as a generation influencer.


5 hours ago, Waoling said:

I seen this kind of line art in chinese game before

That would be the training data, most likely.



20 hours ago, maradyne said:


Actually, now that I have time again...I can run through this.


It's generated (at best, slightly edited by a person afterward, but probably not even that) by referring to popular or regional googleable story concepts. Individual points might be something that a person or team would come up with, but all together, there are clearly shenanigans going on; that's how current 'AI' works, yoinking and remixing existing content made, at some point, by other people, quickly and easily.
...even the parts I'm leaving out would probably also be recognizable if I were more familiar with the pre-translation.

An interesting thought is that the game design might've even been based (loosely) on the generated text. If they're already being this blatant and rushing with the art and story, it seems like a reasonable assumption that they'd do the same with the design.

"Set in a post-apocalyptic world," - unifying setting for the rest of the article's traits, probably a version of the initial prompt
"in the year 2077" - lol
"mysterious gas released by a meteor causes a surge in the number of ferocious monsters" - basic plot point into cause into initiating event, suspiciously familiar sequence
"establish a city" - this is related to a 'Certain' point later, lots of talk of a recently established city
"seek new ways of survival" - IRL news articles about populations facing extreme circumstances
"gain control over the power of" - popular trope, problem becomes power because main character energy
"becoming known as "異能者"" - this is a variant of a translation of a super common word in a 'Certain' anime that was popular years ago, readable in one interpretation as...
"Ability Users" - sometimes translated as 'espers'; from what I remember of the spammed advertising of the time, Ability Users was the more common translation, but both were in use (I think espers was earlier third party translations that showed up on forums and the like), and translating it as espers could lead to the translation we got here. The exact phrasing here of __ or __ is also yoinked from those ads
"limited resources" "scavenge for supplies" - Don't Starve thrown into the prompt as an influencer, leading to pulling basic info on 'survival' games
"new homes" - see above
"The game features a unique blend of card gameplay and adventure in a post-apocalyptic..." - there's the gameplay hook, but surrounded by buzzwords and already summarizing what was stated just a second ago, common weird AI behavior pulling from existing data to keep the words flowing like this if you just keep adding logical continuations of the previous statement restating your point you can keep it going for a really long time without a proper structure to the overall message while being technically correct but simultaneously overstaying your welcome with the point you're trying to make in the eyes of the reader who just read the previous words and doesn't need them restated in a slightly different manner...isn't that annoying?

The rest is random details, restatements, and positive connotations you'd want in an early sales pitch...
Followed up by a literal elementary-school style summary. Popular among mobile game ads! Natural to generate in this context.

TL;DR: AI-generated game in general most likely, but this description definitely.
If you've read some AI-generated articles, it stands out more easily.


I've been thinking about this lately...I make art, I animate, I do sound design, I code, editing, ect ect...doing 'a bit of everything' is just my normal.
But storycrafting is my actual passion. Everything I do is in some sort of service to that.
Looking at that heap of machine-generated crap...leaves me feeling kind of tilted.

Guess this is how art-focused people feel? Haha.

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