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Crystaleyezer: Snow instead of rain

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22 minutes ago, EatenCheetos said:

This is an awesome idea. No rain, no wildfires, no overheating, food lasts longer. If only the temperature wasn’t so cold…

is a winter simulator

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I was going to make a suggestion based on the thermal stone being reworked to no longer function according to the average temperature of the world influencing it's heat level, but it's something I really can't be bothered typing out in depth. I can't believe my apathy is standing in the way of a good idea.

With respect to that, you can't use a thermal stone to combat the ice crystalizer because summer themals stay in the red-neutral stage in like, 30 seconds.


Anyway, I'll probably just surround a winter area with tam's and beefalo hats. I agree that it should snow in the immediate area of the crystalizer.


growing pains imo.


Either that or only make it a TRULY winter zone with multiple crystalizers.

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12 hours ago, O_Atoba_Azul said:

While this is a cool idea, from my understanding of how weather works, this is not really feasible (without being wierd looking.) with the current system.

The umbralla already contains code for negating rain in a certain area. I’m sure that something could be figured out

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It would be cool to be able to make a specific area permanently snow, I would turn Pearls Island into a Winter Wonderland using Palmcone trees, this Bunny rabbit hutch-



I will then proceed to kill Lunar Deerclops however many times I need to to fill her island completely with permanent snow, And Give the Bunnymen the green Santa Hats to further make the area more festive, with of course one fully decorated WF tree. :wilson_love:


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