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Does anyone have any tips for the Bandikoot?

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Bandikoot is hard to beat and badass. i love it.

Start fight Bandikoot is easy. Don't attack Bandikoot if its taunting. if Bandikoot creating clone, attack clone, or attack clone and real one both.  if Bandikoot (or clone) getting mad (pink eyes), keep dodge and waiting for Banditkoot (or clone) get exhausted, then attack it.

Do you like hammer? i think you can wear Yammo helm to increase heavy attack damage. Bonion coat is not bad choose, i think.

Did you put gems your hammer?

Edit: oh, i almost forget, if Bandikoot gonna hide in the long stone, find longstone that white glow, destroy it to reveal Bandikoot and it get dizzy.

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What specifically are you having trouble with?

Personally it took me several tries with the Tree-zooka to beat him. My biggest problem was being too aggressive when he was still being aggressive and missing my opportunity to hurt him when he was in a vulnerable state. Perhaps that is what is happening for you?

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I just beat it right after making this post, but the retaliate perk really carried me.

The main trouble I'm having is dealing enough damage and avoiding his attacks, especially when two of them have decided to spawn. When there are two, it gets kind of overwhelming during the phase when it does it lunge bite attack (and there are two of them).

My weapon does have gems in them and my armor is mainly b/c I still struggle with the crane at times.

It's possible I'm being too aggressive as well. I'll have to see when I try again.

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Correct me if I am wrong, but judging from your comments about the Floracrane and the Bandikoots lunging attack I think your struggle may be stemming from relying too much on dodging during certain attacks and possibly enemy prioritization.

I only stumbled onto this realization recently, but the Bandikoot’s lunge phase can actually be avoided by moving vertically in lieu of dodging. It may require extra speed, so take that with a grain of salt.

Also, taking the time to prioritize killing the doppelgänger over hurting the Bandikoot, especially when it is exhausted, seems to improve my effectiveness since I don’t have to divide my attention.

The swamp feels like it is designed to punish excessive dodging and reinforce good enemy prioritization. The Bandikoot acts as the final test to ensure we as the players understand that.

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You had a good build and you didnt choke too much until a bit a the end

for me he just kept doing his basic melee attacks for some reason on the second phase, never did the lunge or clone moves

so maybe just bad rng?

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1 hour ago, lakhnish said:

I had a little trouble dodging cause I got bodied and maybe I was a bit too aggressive?

I know I was also getting greedy with the perfect dodges when it was doing the taunting too.

Watching the fight you posted I believe you weren't too aggressive at all during the first two phases. With the set of power-ups and armor you had it allowed you to play quite fiercely without too much risk and fear of getting damaged, and you were able to always damage-burst the clone immediately which was very impressive.

I believe during the last phase however you should play a bit more defensively and have a better mental control of the field. You seemed to be getting cornered by either the map or the moon moth lings which caused the risk of getting damaged by Bandikoot's lunge. I think killing the moon moth lings while the boss is teleport lunging is too risky and can lead to taking a lot of damage unnecessarily. The key to me beating the third phase was eyeing the moon moth lings and noting where there was open space for me to run to in the center of the field, alternating between left and right of the field to avoid both the moon mothlings and Bandikoot's lunge. Then I would clean up the moon moth lings, hurt the boss and kill the clone with my heavy attack/attack combos, until Bandikoot died.

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The Bandikoot has 5 phases:  Phase 1 - Regular Attacks, Phase 2 - Hide in Pillar, Phase 3 - Clone and Hide, Phase 4 - Consecutive Lunges, Phase 5 - Clone & Consecutive Lunge.  The last 3 phases are triggered when the Bandikoot's health drops to 80% Left (Phase 3), 50% Left (Phase 4), and 40% Left (Phase 5).

If you burst damage the Bandikoot fast enough, you can get skip Phase 3 (Clone) and go directly into the Phase 4 (from Phase 1/2).  I would make use of the Mother of Methuselah (Left Shift Ability) of the Ocular Gavel Hammer for extra DPS and just do the Light, Light, Strong, Left Shift (in air), Strong Attack, Left Shift (in air) combo.  The best time to attack the Bandicoot is when it's howling to summon pillars (remember to dodge after doing one combo of damage), right after you break it out of a pillar, and after it's exhausted from the consecutive lunge attack.

With the hammer, my go-to gear is the Yammo Helm (+60% Focus Damage) and Bulbug Coat (20 Debuff Stacks [each stack gives +1% extra damage] for 20 Seconds on Focus Kill). When the Bandikoot goes and hides in a pillar, I would bait the Mothball spawns near the pillar, reveal the Bandikoot, then apply the debuff stacks. 

With sufficient burst damage, you can kill the Bandikoot without clones ever getting summoned. (i.e. Do enough burst in Phase 1/2 to drop its hp from >80% to 50%, which makes it skip to Phase 4, then do the remainder 40-50% damage when it's exhausted after the lunge attacks).

Here's an example with the hammer (Yammo Helm / Bulbug Coat / Ocular Gavel setup) on Frenzy Level 8. Skip to 10:42 in the video for the Bandikoot fight.


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