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Rotwood Playtest [Now Closed]

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Combat Focus Test Now Available!

The Rotwood playtest is here!

In this single-player combat focus test you will try out four different weapon types and fight through two dungeons, each populated with a unique set of Rots and a large Boss Rot at the end. As you delve into the ever-changing Rotwood, you'll also meet a handful of villagers who will support you by using the materials you've gathered to craft and upgrade sets of armor & weapons (and maybe even cook you the occasional delicious meal!)

While you will get a small glimpse of our weapon, armor, and other work-in-progress systems, this playtest is entirely focused on combat. For feedback let us know either here on the Steam forums, or our official forums here. You can also use F8 in-game to send us direct feedback and bug reports!

We're going to let in a small number of folks at first to make sure everything is running ok and then we'll open it up more as the test progresses.

We're going to run this test until June 29th, so there is plenty of time to check out the game and let us know your thoughts.

A big thanks to everybody for your interest

Have fun out there!

Sign-up now!


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Just finished playing through the first area and so far this game has been very fun! The combat feels very smooth and is quite simple to understand, while still managing to be challenging. I really like how there are combos built in that are left for the player to figure out on their own. The art is wonderful, and I feel it is one of the reasons the combat feels as smooth as it does. I've only run into one bug so far, in the settlement area, and it fixed itself after a bit. For a game in the testing phase, it feels incredibly polished, and I can tell a lot of work has already gone into making this game feel great. Looking forward to playing through the rest of what's available in the playtest, and I can't wait to see more of this game in the future!

Also props to whoever came up with the idea for the skill that lets you gradually raise your crit chance by punching your fists together, that one is incredibly fun to use with the spear. 

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So I've finished zone one and managed to beat zone 2 miniboss. I've been spamming the feedback function in the game with my thoughts, but here's some general review:

The animations work really well with the fight, it's snappy, it's cool, it's satisfying.

It feels good to win, even just one clearing, and deserved when you fail. You can usually tell what was the mistake that got you killed.

The weapons are fun to use, both the spear and hammer once you figure out a few combos. The combos seem to have fairly similar damage output, meaning there's no meta and you can pick your favourites and strategies, which will work great once the game is multiplayer.

The two unconventional weapons are going to be a challenge to learn, but I can imagine them working quite well once you get used to them. The canon reload depending on your timing is a good touch, rewarding skill and helping players get better- after all, faster is better. The ball seems really difficult to master, having to look out to catch it, and possibly get a combo by that, but it's fun enough I'm willing to give it a serious try later.

Learning enemy patterns is crucial, but they all are very distinctive so you have no risk mistaking one enemy for the other. They also have clear attack animations, and build up animations for bigger attacks, so learning their behavior is easy and mastering your reaction is the challenge.

The art looks great, and I mean all of it- the style is already well established and characters fit in with the background flawlessly. Some places feel empty at times, such as potion room and power upgrade room, because they're randomly generated and filled with props, so every now and then the room will end up a bit bigger and leave some empty space. It's a minor detail.

I like that enemies can damage eachother with certain attacks, it makes the scene look alive and you can try baiting them into eachother. I wonder how it's going to look with multiple players, fe player projectiles? It might be quite chaotic.

Perfect dodge is a great mechanic and the blue dust when you pull it off is the perfect effect. Various powers encouraging you to perform them are some of my favourites.

The game has the "just one more level" thing completely figured out! I'll be going back to the playtest during the weekend, and I can't wait for tomorrow's stream.

I crashed several times during the game, seemingly in random spots. I managed to report all except one.

Throughout my entire gameplay I just kept thinking- when do I get to play together with my friends?!

I'll probably add more feedback once I finish zone 2, so far I'm loving it!


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How can I join this game test? I have already applied for Rotwood Playtest. How long will it take to receive an email notification? I can't wait! 

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Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in the testing.

After playing, the movements in the game are very smooth, the hitting feel is very good, and the effect of skill electrification is also very interesting.

During the game, there was a bug with the model disappearing during the upgrade of the hand cannon, which has been reported through F8. There were no other bugs that specifically caused the game to crash.

What makes me very interesting is the design of weapons, especially hand guns and balls. It must be very interesting when multiplayer is online. I really like the design of hand guns when playing, and the loading and mortar gameplay gave me a great gaming experience.

But in terms of the skills that come with the equipment, I hope to be able to choose the equipment skills myself, such as the hand cannon. After defeating the first level boss to upgrade the hand cannon, the shift key is the equipment skill, which changes from repelling enemies to summoning tentacles. As a hand cannon, it loses a close range self-protection means, and the summoned tentacles are not very profitable for players playing hand cannon, but they are also eager to upgrade the attack power brought by the hand cannon, And had to use new skills.

In terms of shift key skills, the cooperation of hand cannon and ball, attack and skills is more important. In some levels, you can choose to replace the shift key skills, such as eating bananas, which makes me have to roast. Moreover, there are relatively few options, and when playing with the ball equipment, the shift recycling skill is very important, so it is almost impossible to choose new shift skills.

Finally, there are more types of skills to choose in each game. I hope to have more types. After a few hours of playing, most of the skills have already been memorized, and I hope there can be more skill combinations. There should only be four weapons, and the attack mode cannot be changed. More skill combinations can make the game more interesting. I have been looking forward to this game since last year, hoping that the game will be more durable.

I am currently very satisfied with the game because I have seen equipment that increases collective damage and buff effects, and the game has not yet started online. There are definitely many places to add elements, I look forward to it!!

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Just completed the first area. So far the game is great!

The game is really polished for a combat test, I have yet to encounter any bugs.

I like how the game explains how weapon combos work and gives you a few examples, but leaves others up to player discovery. I found a new spear combo during the first boss fight, which felt really good to figure out in an intense situation. Focus hits are also a great mechanic. The option to fulfill specific requirements to perform a more damaging attack is cool and helps the weapons feel more unique.

I don't know if I was just unable to find it, but I was unable to view what the powers did after I selected them. I would have liked to be able to see what the mystery man from the question mark location gave me, but it was also fun figuring out what changed after accepting his gift.

The powers are extremely fun, it seems like certain combinations can completely change the way the game is played. There are also plenty of opportunities to get new powers, which makes each run feel different from the last.

I can't wait to play through the second area!

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1 hour ago, atommy126 said:

I would have liked to be able to see what the mystery man from the question mark location gave me,

You can! There's a small animation of your new power appearing on top left of the screen, and you can hover over it to learn what it is!

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I'm already in love with this game! Might be a stupid question but I just wanted to ask are there and will there be armor set bonuses? I seem to be finding the most success when combining certain helm with another armor. 

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