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Combat Playtest Sign-ups [Closed]

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During last year's Klei Fest we announced Rotwood, our 1-4 player hack-and-slash dungeon crawler. For this year we're going to be opening up a single-player combat focus test so you can check it out for yourself! (Only available on Windows for now)

In this single-player combat focus test you will try out four different weapon types and fight through two dungeons, each populated with a unique set of Rots and a large Boss Rot at the end. As you delve into the ever-changing Rotwood, you'll also meet a handful of villagers who will support you by using the materials you've gathered to craft and upgrade sets of armor & weapons (and maybe even cook you the occasional delicious meal!)

While you will get a small glimpse of our weapon, armor, and other work-in-progress systems, this playtest is entirely focused on combat. So sign up now so you can join us next week and let us know what you think!

Head over to the store page to sign up now to get in on the action when we open up the playtest next week!

While you're there make sure to wishlist to keep up to date on Rotwood news. 

See you soon!

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Looks very promising !

Quick question : I'm a streamer (I'm not an ambassador since I mostly stream ONI). IF I can access the playtest, will I be authorized to stream or is there an NDA ? Thank you !

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