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question about wurt

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why wurt who is a fish cant swim 

it would be kind nice to see as a unique gameplay mechanic for wurt where she can swim in the ocean

for balance it would be slow and cant attack to avoid crab king cheese with it

why not give this ability to wes ballon suit too since its a life vest but any character beside wurt loose sanity while in water

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I'm not really sure how swimming would actually end up working with dst's ocean setup but that aside Wurt does say she can swim which I assume is what is supposed to explain away the max hp loss it just doesn't seem that way because she has the same animations as all the other survivors.

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Merms can swim! Both Pipton and Wurt mention swimming, with the latter half being expressed in-game with Wurt not having any drowning penalties and claiming it was a nice swim.

I'm assuming it just simply isn't a mechanic due to limitations and/or Klei not wanting to/feeling it fitting enough to warrant its existence. 

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