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Curio Inconsistency Collection

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Visual pet peeves aren't quite top priority when you're trying to keep a content beta from from falling apart. These reports, while not unimportant, can end up getting in the way of other more pressing matters; and when the time comes when you're able to address them, they'll have been long buried in the murky depths of the bug trackers.

So that's where this thread comes in. Something about a skin that's bothering you that doesn't quite fall in the realm of visual bug? Post it here, and when the next round of bug fixes comes around the devs won't have to trudge through the report archives to know what needs looking at

Do note that it'll be the developer's call on whether something gets changed or not and, in the end, it's not like maxwell not having the right kind of underwear is going to destroy the experience for anyone. I'm just a big nerd who finds these sorts of things interesting to look at.

That being said, feel free to submit anything you find below or discuss something already on the list. I'll try to update this when I can.

(Special thanks to @Paxtonnnn and @-Variant!)

16 Issues Resolved! Hooray!

  Reading Guide 

Potential stylistic decision

Particularly Noticeable

Milder Nitpicks

Character Skins

Wilson 4+ Ongoing | 4 Total


Various Skins "Wilson's Bald Spot"

一 In his default outfit and the following skins, Wilson's head peeks up from over his hair when collecting an item and facing away from the camera


一 Don't tell him about this one. I don't know if his little heart could take it.

(Credit to @Squidyfoo!)

The Barber

1. "Tank Top"

一 The hole in Wilson's best is obscenely large, even more than that of an actual tank top.


2. "Fuzzy Gloves"

一 The side sprite for the Clean cut gloves is noticeably low resolution.


3. "Crooked Cheeks"

一 Wilson's face is slightly crooked near the ears.

一 You can see a little of the dark circle drifting onto the line.


Willow 2+ Ongoing | 2 Total


Various Skins "Skinny Legs"

一 All but four of her outfits have the pencil-thin legs from the Guest of Honor set.



Only her survivor skin uses classic heeled shoes, while the rest seem to use Booties



The Merrymaker "Wrong Size"

一 when viewed from the side the Toastmistress' heels are different sizes


Wolfgang 1 Ongoing | 1 Total


The Roseate "Tiny Hands"

一 The Circus Rose Attire doesn't use Wolfgang's large meaty hands


The Verdant "Straying"

His Alpine Walking shoes have some stray pixels


WX-78 1 Ongoing | 1 Total


Rookiebot Headplate "Law jaw"

一 The outline of Wx's jaw isn't visible from behind


Wickerbottom 1 Ongoing | 1 Total


The Moonbound "Missing Brows"

Her portrait sees her having eyebrows, while the skin omits them. While I can understand this was probably done for sake of the flowery eye shadow,I can't help but think she'd look more menacing with them.


Woodie2 Ongoing | 1 Total


The Verdant & The Gladiator "Divergent Brow"

Woodie's brow-line is noticeably different and more pronounced in these skins, particularly when you compare them with other, lets call them, forehead-based skins


一 Here are his magmatic and roseate skins for comparison


Wes 1+ Ongoing | 1 Total


Various Skins "Magic Color-Changing Underoos"

the undergarments of these three Wes skins incorrectly change color to be white when partially covered.




Also note that all three of the skins above have the same issue with the undershirt


(Credit to @Dr. Safety!)

Maxwell 1+ Ongoing | 1 Total


Various Skins "how could you do this"

一 A travesty. All the recent skins don't have maxwell's big poofy boxers



its like your not even playigg the game or something

Webber 2 Ongoing | 2 Total


Guest of Honor "Trimmed Leg Fur"

Webber's legs are much thinner here than his other skins. It just doesn't look quite right alongside regular fuzzy body.


The Gladiator  "Warpain"

一 The red warpaint doesn't wrap around the front of his chest when viewed from the side


Winona 1 Ongoing | 1 Total


The Victorian  "Nose-tice this?"

一 You can see just the tip of her nose sticking out from the bandana


Wortox 1 Ongoing | 1 Total


The Swashbuckler "Ghostly Brows"

一 Wortox's ghost has the wrong eyebrows


Wormwood 3 Ongoing | 3 Total


The Triumphant "Twirling Eye Vines"

一 When viewed from the side, the vine that makes up Wormwood's "eyes" shift drastically in the final stage of blooming


The Wormwood O'Lantern "Runaway Mouth"

一 At stage 3 of blooming and when viewed from the side, there is a noticeable gap between Wormwood's mouth and his head.



The Snowfallen "Other Mouth Thing"

一 I'm not too sure how to explain this one. There's just some stuff by his mouth on his sideview


Wurt 2+ Ongoing | 2 Total


Various Skins "Elbow Neck"

一 With these skins, you can see Wurt's arms sorta poking out from under her neck




The Merrymaker "Wingless Fairy"

一 Wurt is missing her fairy wings when viewed from either the front or back


Appears they might actually be upside down?


Walter 1 Ongoing | 1 Total


The Snowfallen "Not So Crooked Nose"

一 Viewed from the side, Walter is missing the crook in his nose


Wanda 3 Ongoing | 3 Total


The Merrymaker "Flat Headed"

一 Viewed from the side, Wanda's forehead is flatter here in comparison to her other outfits


Applies to Young & Middle-Aged

The Snowfallen Applies to Young & Middle-Age

1. "Thick Headed"

Viewed from the side, the outline of her jaw is much thicker in this skin compared to other outfits


2. "Long Jaw Wanda"

Additionally, her jaw is noticeably longer and rounder




Cawnival Collection 1 Ongoing | 1 Total


Midsummer Frest "So Holesome"

The armhole doesn't match up with the character's actual arm, resulting in quite the unsightly hole


(Credit to @Anthony_L3hr !)

Update 4/15 - Resurrected the embed origins and catalogued a few more things


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I submitted this awhile ago but it didn't get any attention, so I'll put it here again.

Basically, there were two (now three) Wes skins where the underwear or undershirt would incorrectly change color to be white when partially covered. I'll put the three instances of it happening in the spoiler below and then an example of a skin without this issue so you can see what it is supposed to be like:


Incorrect colors:











Also note that all three of the skins above have the same issue with the undershirt like so:



Correct colors:


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[Game Update] - 555166 

  • Verdant skins 
    • Wurt’s will have the correct ghost skin.
    • Wurt’s tail will have matching colouring.
    • Wanda’s will have the clock hands move depending on age.
    • Wanda’s will no longer have an invisible chin during her youth.
    • Willow’s has had its lips colour adjusted.
    • Willow’s hair has had a stray bit of art removed.
    • Wormwood’s eyes will no longer have white speckles around it.
    • Wormwood’s will have correct leaf colours when blooming.
    • Wormwood’s will have the correct ghost skin.
    • Wormwood’s will show the missing flow when pointing up when bloomed.
    • Wormwood’s hands will be the same shade as the other leaves in the skin.
    • Wickerbottom’s arms will no longer morph into her Lunar skin’s in certain poses.
    • Wickerbottom’s body piece will show the correct rendering order for the torso.
  • Nouveau Club Portrait’s selection icon will now show up.
  • Wilson’s Barber big portrait will have the proper tint relative to other big portraits.

Here's what got fixed in the latest update! I love how much variety the verdant collection has now. I might just have a new favourite Wurt skin

...after the Victorian of course.  It's the goat.

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