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Minor Bug with two Wes Skins

Dr. Safety
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Wes's Roseate and Fool skin have odd properties with the under garments, where it defaults to a white torso if they are only wearing a shirt OR pants. As shown below. (In the spoiler is an example of it done correctly, which seems to be all of them except Roseate and Fool)

Roseate: Nothing vs With Shirt

Fool: Nothing vs With Shirt



Merrymaker is a good example since it has very unique colors:

It does the same with equipping pants:

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Remove all skins from Wes except either the Roseate or Fool
  2. Wear only a shirt or pants
  3. The color of the torso does not match the sleeves of the shirt/shorts (whichever isn't covered by the cosmetic)

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