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Pips not planting last seed in row

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So I decided to make a superspecialized sleet wheat wild farm on solidified nuclear waste.
My pips have succesfully planted the first row of 12 plants.
HOWEVER on the second row they just don't want to plant the 12th grain.

There are two pips in the room and 3 grains right on top of the spot where I want them to be planted.

Troubleshooting/analysis so far:

-They can plant fine on the row below (I've kept 17 spaces empty to the right on this lower layer)
-I've restarted the game slowed the game down to 1x speed
-I've removed all plants in a 15 tile radius outside of the farm area

What else can I try?


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11 minutes ago, LadenSwallow said:

Double check they haven't double planted in a cell nearby? Sometimes more than 1 pip will try burrowing at the same time in the same cell resulting in double the plants in 1 cell.

Yup that's exactly what happened!

I uprooted one of the plants in the adjecent sqaure and the pip immidiately planted the last tile!

Thanks LadenSwallow! You're an absolute genius!


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