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  1. Other forums and Discord allow users to ignore other users which makes it so the user doesn't see the ignored user's posts, sometimes with an unhide post placeholder. I'd love to see that feature implemented on this forum.
  2. Absolutely none of your posts in this thread are helpful or relevant, so please stop posting unless you have something helpful to add. You made your point that it could affect performance. I don't see why you have to call me a "bodycard." I think it's a great suggestion and if it were added to the game people could choose not to use it to to maintain their performance and those with a computer that could handle using the feature could have it available.
  3. I would love to have breakaway windows as an optional feature in this game. It would allow for easier passive monitoring of projects or just contraptions I like to watch, and I have multiple monitors to take full advantage of such a feature. I agree with @Zarquan that using Ctrl+# and Shift+# is awkward and it's a feature I don't use often. If this feature was added to the game it wouldn't affect anyone who doesn't use the feature so @gabberworld is making an absolutely pointless argument. Believe it or not @gabberworld you can let people make suggestions and not come in and tear them down with performance arguments. Especially since Klei will never implement this anyway.
  4. Here is a great example of what not to do: But seriously when it comes to power grids there really is no good way to optimize. Often the approach is to have a main power line using 20 kW or 50 kW wire and slap down transformers as needed. Using your power optimally is often not need and also not worth the effort, especially once you're not using coal.
  5. I tried to make some of the most optimized builds possible. Links are in my signature. There's also crazy stuff on Discord and Reddit.
  6. By default you can set a hotkey for any location using Ctrl + number and then use that hotkey with Shift + number.
  7. Moving material from planetoid to planetoid is something I find annoying. It either takes an Interplanetary Launcher which requires Radbolts. Or you have to load up a rocket and do a space mission. I wish there was a non-Radbolt version of the launcher even if it required ridiculous amounts of power or another piece of buildable infrastructure to help with logistics. Drone cargo ships, buildable teleporters, space tubes or even single use cargo rockets using any number of the fuels available.
  8. I know this is a silly question to ask, but... What is the temperature of the regolith you're feeding to those deodorizers?
  9. Electrolyzers make Hydrogen & Oxygen from water while consuming very little power. In ONI, a Hydrogen Generator consumes the Hydrogen and gives us power which is already a power positive process. This is why Self-Powered Oxygen Modules (SPOMs) exist in ONI. In the real world when you burn hydrogen you get water. If in ONI Hydrogen Generators could take Hydrogen & Oxygen and output water then we end up with an loop of infinite power with Electrolyzers being initially primed with water but then you could close the loop (similar to toilet/sieve loops) and then you could get infinite free power and you could easily scale it up to make massive amounts of free power. It would negate the need for any other power source. The current way is a nice oversimplification that works for video game like this.
  10. I think the lowest hanging fruit would be to give us the option to disable something recently implemented that I think caused a massive performance loss when it was implemented. Disable Diagnostics
  11. In Options give us the ability to completely disable Diagnostics. When the Mergedown update happened that was the biggest change to the game and the performance hit of that update to the game was undeniably massive. The diagnostics add additional calculations to the game that (for me at least) to not add anything good to the game, just inaccurate annoyances I turn off. Often I detect trapped dupes from them being idle before the Diagnostics catch that they are trapped and there are even times where they make a mess and still aren't caught as trapped by the diagnostics. This is with 10 dupes across my entire game. The other diagnostics I don't find helpful at all, the alerts for crops are especially annoying. I know you put a lot of effort putting Diagnostics into the game, but give us the option to turn it off completely. It's the easiest optimization you can do.
  12. Hydrocarbon cracking could already be considered to be in the game, in my opinion. It does not at all resemble how it is done in the real world, but boiling crude oil or plastic into sour gas could be considered ONI's version of cracking. The real world requires a complicated high pressure cracking process itself followed by multiple fractionation towers and further processing to create multiple usable products from the cracking process whereas in ONI we just have to freeze the Sour Gas (which is a lethal mostly unwanted byproduct in the real world) to -165C to get pure useable Natural Gas.
  13. I don't think I've ever used a W sensor. Automation can often be used to protect circuits.
  14. It'd be nice to be able to check the mods on a save before loading it, since loading just gets longer the later the game is.