Remove Thermal Stone Durability

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Many people seemingly play with a mod that remove it, if you look at the list of servers with any mods enabled. There is a very good reason for this. Managing the durability of thermal stones is expensive and tedious, and the sewing kit repairing is also about as expensive and doesn't make sense (I didn't even know this was a thing until seeing it in a video, you would assume that if you could repair this thing it would be via a rock or something, but no). Not only that, but when playing with multiple players, you are going to really dip into your rock supply as each thermal stone costs 10 rocks and rocks are hard to come by later into the game, despite meteor showers and several other more obscure methods of rock gathering and they only have like 7 or 8 durability if you don't keep them continuously hot or cold without them switching to neutral temperature.

The more rocks you need, the longer and more tedious it is to replenish that supply, so you might have 1 or 2 players going out of their way to gather 100s of rocks just so player have a thermal stone for the next winter, which is ridiculous and tedious to do continuously. Stone fruits are an option, but they are kind of an obscure one for most players and require not only for you to travel to the lunar island initially, but a lot of fertilizer unless you grind up enough that you can plant some with the low % chance seeds, which won't require fertilization.

I understand the thermal stones piling up potentially if people just keep making new ones and scatter them around the world as they die and resurrect elsewhere and the only way to get rid of them is to feed them to lureplants, but you could make it so that you could mine up the thermal stones to get the rocks back instead.

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people play with mods to remove thermal stone durability for the same reason that they play with mods to remove the durability of all other items, there's nothing particularly problematic about thermal stones specifically, having durability makes them consistent with all other winter/summer protection gear

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Feeding your most damaged Thermal Stone to Antlion every year to start the fight helps get rid of them. If you don't want to fight Antlion, I think feeding it a Neutral Temperature Thermal Stone delays Antlion from using it's Sinkhole attack for +3 Days. 
This might help rotating out your worn down Thermal Stones.

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they need a drawback. They are infinity if you take care of them

is like people asking for moggles not breaking at 0% or making things like shield of terror and bone helm refuelable. They want all the benefits without taking a little of care

when im using a thermal stone i need to choose if i let it go gray careless or i keep it over yellow/blue. Them not having no durability will just mean that i will give 0 f**ks about their state and only warm/cool down when the temperature alert shows up (and a lot of people play with combine statues which also tells you if you are about to freeze without needing to psy attention to character gestures)

some mods are okey for people that want certain changes in the game experience but this kind of little mechanics matters and makes dst different from other games with too much """"QoL"""" to the point of being bland games that look only for casual audience because that sells more

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It definitely makes zero logic reason on why sewing kits can fix thermal stones. You would never think of it unless you look up at wiki.

While I don't think thermal stone durability should be removed due to how powerful it is compared to ds version, the cost is pretty steep for early game with multiple people like you say.

Perhaps reduce the resources to make a stone a bit will do? 

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It's a chore to take care of it, especially when it's so low durability for such a high cost and locked behind Alchemy Engine, which for late coming players can become almost inaccessible until they find a camp with that alone.

The other winter clothing really should keep the stone warm/cold for longer, would give you reason to keep both on besides burning a tree or switching the stones in fridges or something.

Sewing kits being something you commonly find from the stage is a very hidden and specific mechanic to say the least, and wasn't there some sort of 5 day cooldown involved at some point? And again, doesn't take away from the fact that using it on thermal stones makes no sense.

The rock cost for the durability and how players will typically use up that durability, even if they try to take care of the stones best they can without it being even more irritating than it already is, is way too high. Either it needs to be extremely cheap or should have much more/unlimited durability to take out the irritating result of it. Never mind than you will also feed at least one per summer to the ant to get a chance at killing it, something only pros do if they can be bothered.

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In my experience the Thermal Stone Trivializes both Winter & Summer- I rarely ever need any other clothing items besides a Thermal Stone.

The trick to keeping their durability up is to craft Campfires, or burn a nearby isolated tree and stand near them, or craft an Endothermic Fire if it’s Summer pay attention to when it starts to lose color so you can warm it up/cool it back down again.

In most my play seasons I only need to craft the Thermal once and then never make another again.. 

If you want your Thermal to heat/cool faster drop it on the ground near the fire source, this seems to work for me

With Maxwell there’s a new trick you can perform as well provided there’s a second player: you can craft Thermals and send them to the Shadow Dimensional Storage, just an Entire tophat full of nothing but Thermals, then you can craft the Magicians box in base/at several bases around the map with a fridge nearby. When one Thermal starts to die you can insert it into your hat, the player on the other side can pull it out and place it into a fridge & replace it with another from the fridge.

Maxwell can quite literally provide his fellow survivors with a constant switched out Thermal Stone to prevent them losing durability.

Sure it’s a very specific Maxwell only thing.. but also just getting a sewing kit and repairing it is still totally an option.

I kinda wish there was a world Gen toggle I could pick to choose if players can even CRAFT a Thermal Stone- because THEN all those other underutilized items (such as Rabbit Earmuffs & Whirly Fans) would see more use.

(or probably not.. noobs will probably just die more often when their do it all Thermal is stripped from them, hey I’m no expert- I’m not even sure how long I would survive Without one)

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