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It's have a logic if you think

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His puppets don't get stronger when he equips rare or risky gear, or else most of the items in the game would make them stronger (e.g. all clothing items, all boss drops). His puppets get stronger when he equips shadowy items, since they draw power from it. They already get weaker when you wear cowardly items like that because you aren't wearing shadow gear.

Plus, what is the point? The shadows are already exceptionally good at holding aggro so I don't know why you'd want to hide.

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2 minutes ago, kuroite said:

Then they should be weaker if you equip lunar items (glass cutter/axe, CC crown ...) but again, yeah there is no point.

I think lorewise it would make sense either way. Either the lunar magic is draining them or they're simply not drawing from its power (after all they don't get weaker in enlightenment areas). Gameplay wise it wouldn't really matter much since the most impactful thing would be a negligible dps loss during the toadstool fight.

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