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why is this not a skin already?

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in singleplayer adventure mode Maxwell basically already comes with a cool new skin for him. The winter coat he wears. When skins were introduced in dst i thought this is an obvious one to make. But it still doesn't exist. Woodies guest of honor is so close but so far. I made a mock-up in photoshop.


maxwell adventure coat.webp

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Love the idea, and also want to say you're a talented artist at that. I glanced at the image before reading, and thought this was an actual skin they were realeasing, it's got such a readable look and matches the artstyle so well that I knew right away this is Maxwell's winter coat in singleplayer!

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2 hours ago, Mike23Ua said:

Sad day.. :( but Winters Feast is also next month, what better time to give him a Winter Coat? :wilson_love:

This year should be the year where they finish the snowfallen collection, and Maxwell is one of seven survivors who do not already have one

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