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DS/T franchise is nearly 10 years old now. Klei's 17 years old soon too.

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Klei was founded on 2005.
Initial release date for Don't Starve singleplayer was on April 23, 2013. DST released on 2016.

Next year is gonna be a 10 year anniversary and Klei's prepping something assuming that it'll big. Especially when they're trying to bring in as much of QoL changes along with character refreshes before all that.

How do ya'll feel?

Do the veterans feel really old now? xD I sure do.

I've started playing right on when science points were still a thing in singleplayer and I could regenerate same world map over and over if I wanted to. Crazy how much content had been added over the years, gave me big interest in trying to draw in the artstyle and join communities that I've seen both rising and falling of them. Met many interesting people and friends that brought me plenty of joy. I've used to also stream a ton back in Captain Calavera and Clwnbaby days moderating and helping out at the Strictly Unprofessional servers. Basically this game is my whole childhood/teenage years and now in my young adulthood and still somehow not that bored of it all unless taking some breaks away from it to do my things. 

My hopes that Klei prospers from DST and other games that are out or yet to be made. Their aspiration on making great artwork and games is something inspiring.


Discuss your experiences so far with the game, how long you been playing and your expectations of the game and Klei as a company.

If some devs are interested in sharing experience of this franchise, company or generally of the community would be cool to hear them out too.

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1 hour ago, Mike23Ua said:

I only have one question actually, if Klei has been around since 2005.. what were they mostly known for before what is obviously their most well known best selling franchise Don’t Starve?

Starting with Eets, then Shank and Mark of the Ninja. 

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