Suggestion on Weapons to Add and other things

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gold spear


gold sword


gold bow

unlimited arrows or make your own I'd perfer making my own


gold arrows

we have wood armre now why not add

gold armore

and last but not least may adding caves too explore

My son and I love playing Don't Starve we are hoping it will come out with a multiplayer option so we can play together we thought the weapon and armore ideas were in keeping with the game and would;nt be to hard to add. Once again graet game.

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Sadly the Devs have said multiplayer is a looong way off.

as far as I am aware they didn't even say that, what they said is that an offsync form of player interaction is loooong way off.

to the OP:

Why do you need a sword? We already have a spear as a weapon, and 3 tools that can be used to fight aswell, so thats 4 different kinds of weapons, not enough variety?

With a combat system as simplistic as the one in don't starve, I absolutely fail to see any use for a sword.

The normal spear already has a durability comparable with golden tools, it takes a LOT of fighting to break it, so I also fail to see a reason for a golden spear.

it is likely that we will get a bow, that was already mentioned by the devs, and again, since the spear as only real weapon already has the durability of a golden tool, I suppose the bow will be on the same side, so a golden bow wouldn't make sense here aswell.

golden arrows i.e. for more damage, ok, nothing against that. I guess since we get stingers from bees, and feathers from birds, arrows will most likely be made off of this plus a stick. Since stingers are far more rare than gold though, I can't really imagine how to add the gold in the recipe except from "normal arrow recipe, plus gold", which would be incredibly boring.

Unlimited arrows are nothing we can expect, all tools, weapons and armor have a durability and break on use, all items without durability we get are one use, or cosmetic (hats), unlimited arrow would absolutely not fit into how this game works.

gold armor isn't that far fetched, but then, I already feel very durable in my logsuit, I could imagine that a golden armor with even more durability would end up making fights a tad too easy, at least as of yet, you still have to have an eye on your armor, and can't just run havoc.

Part of the survival in Don't Starve is that you need to be prepared for fights that you want to take on, you need to gather materials for your equipment and plan out when you want to attack, and what to get first to make it happen.

Adding lots of strong weapons, and armor with a looong lifespan due to high durability, would take out a lot of this, and so the game would loose a lot of what it actually is about, surviving in a harsh and unforgiving environment.

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so, don't know if weapons would be a good thing in this game. I mean with a bow, you can kill every small creature without traps or other stuff. This bow and his arrows should be really expensive in materials you will need to create. I don't like the combat, you should fear the evil creatures and take care of your life. With a bow and other things you would beat everything and it would be boring to know that you could kill everyone.

They should better develop some defensive thing like a little and expensive pine shooter that you could build but it can't move.

Some creatures that you attack in the night at BLOODMOON would be also great xD

Or more traps for slow down or explode or catch some creatures.

We should not be the battle king! We are a SCIENTIST! We just need SCIENCE, no weapons! :D

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They should better develop some defensive thing like a little and expensive pine shooter that you could build but it can't move.

this, good sir, is the very first suggestion of a weaponlike item I read about in the forum that I actually like to see implemented.

a stationary pine cone turret to fortify your base camp... thats genius!

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I wouldn't mind more weapons in the same style as the spiky tentacle. Not that they have to be any different in use, or much more or less powerfull or anything like that. But just the ability to switch around and try different looks would be nice.

I also like the idea of grabbing what you can find and use it as a wepon. I wouldnt mind equipping a twig just for the sake of it. (of course that on would have to be pretty weak)

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Yes, that would be also awesome! Send messages in bottles :D we just need/craft a machine that we can place on a end of a Island (There where the big sea is) and then we could send with that machine some bottlesmessages (with items inside?!)

And we can also receive there our messages.

However, there is one problem.. how can we address bottles? I would like to send it to a friend :D

Should it work with Steam names or how? I will not revive 10000 bottles from 10000 peoples XD Spamers!!!


xD ty! All we need is SCIENCE!

@ everyone

I think a bow could be to strong .. there also must be enemies that have a range attack and that would not be great when you dont have always a bow in your inventory. That game should base on survive, build, farm and use traps, not to be a combat game.

That would not work really well..

Just my opinion :rolleyes:

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We have the spike tentacle, the spear. Our tools and Soon a hammer!

All we need is a ranged weapon.

Even then.

Still I want to be able to send messages in bottles to other players! (instead of multiplayer)

For a ranged weapon, instead of a bow which seems like it would kill creatures a little too excessively for the game's play-style I think a slingshot made of twigs, rope and pigskin would be a great addition. It could shoot 2 varieties of projectile; A - Pinecones (low damage, more to grab attention of victim), and B - Rocks (medium damage, explodes on hit possible splash damage for spider hunts?) Keep in mind you don't want it too be too powerful so maybe no spash damage.

This way the projectiles used in question, take some effort to get and can be drained of on your map. Okay, you can burn down a forest to collect pine cones but you won't get much, and you only get 1-2 from the larger trees in the game and rocks being able to be completely drained of on your map. Adds a great use for both items, in my opinion, and I also think the slingshot fits the style of the game well.

I do think that the game needs a ranged weapon, and even adding a sword, and making the spear a throwable weapon would be a cool aspect. Same duration as traps or maybe slightly higher? 10-15 throws with it, and yes, you do have to go pick it up from where you threw it so you do need to be careful when only carrying a spear.

Just my input, thanks for reading!

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