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  1. Wilson, Minecraft-Style! Was playing around with some pixel art, and Don't Starve popped into my mind. Suggestions and feedback are welcomed. Enjoy! -GeronimoGC
  2. For a ranged weapon, instead of a bow which seems like it would kill creatures a little too excessively for the game's play-style I think a slingshot made of twigs, rope and pigskin would be a great addition. It could shoot 2 varieties of projectile; A - Pinecones (low damage, more to grab attention of victim), and B - Rocks (medium damage, explodes on hit possible splash damage for spider hunts?) Keep in mind you don't want it too be too powerful so maybe no spash damage. This way the projectiles used in question, take some effort to get and can be drained of on your map. Okay, you can burn down a forest to collect pine cones but you won't get much, and you only get 1-2 from the larger trees in the game and rocks being able to be completely drained of on your map. Adds a great use for both items, in my opinion, and I also think the slingshot fits the style of the game well. I do think that the game needs a ranged weapon, and even adding a sword, and making the spear a throwable weapon would be a cool aspect. Same duration as traps or maybe slightly higher? 10-15 throws with it, and yes, you do have to go pick it up from where you threw it so you do need to be careful when only carrying a spear. Just my input, thanks for reading!