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DST is Coming to Nintendo Switch April 12th +More!

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6 hours ago, Keith Smithee said:

How about creating a topic in the forum, not just DST, where people can feel free to post official translations, text and string issues?

One of the ideas being discussed is a way for community members to point out and correct bad text in our translations, similar to what we use on Klei Accounts.

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On 3/30/2022 at 2:25 PM, JoeW said:


It's been a long time coming, but Don't Starve Together launches on Nintendo Switch on April 12, 2022! And with it, we have cooked up a special treat. 

Wait what?! 

Since the launch of Don't Starve Together we have been building resources for our players to be able to get cool item skins in lots of different ways. Soon, players will be able to share these skins across participating platforms. 

We expect this to launch around the time of the Nintendo Switch launch, we're just finalizing some things and it will be good to go soon. 

We know there are going to be a bunch of questions about this, some of which we have the answers to below. 

Will this be available on Playstation?
At this time we don't know. We're trying, but unfortunately, the requirements to get this on to Playstation are more than a studio our size can handle for such a service.

We have been preparing for this for a long time and now that we have several platforms ready to participate, we decided to move forward. We understand that this is going to be very disappointing for some players and we want you to know that if/when we can make this happen for you, we will implement it as soon as we possibly can. 

How will this work?
We'll have more details as this is released, but when players get drops, these drops are granted to your Klei Account and that's what you have in-game. Soon, you will be able to merge multiple platform accounts onto a single Klei Account and seamlessly use your items on everything connected. This includes crockpot recipes, plant registry, item skins and characters that you gained through drops including woven characters and skins.

Bolts (Premium Currency) cannot be shared between platforms. 

How are drops affected?
All connected accounts will share a single drop pool once connected. All connected platform accounts will act as 1 single Klei Account. 

Does that mean we get Crossplay soon?
No, but maybe? Just like shared items, crossplay is something we would love to do. However along with it being a lot of work to implement these are things that aren't necessarily accessible to smaller teams like ours. But times are changing and hopefully in the future things like this will be made easier for all developers. 

Anything else?
The team is still working on finishing up this feature. We'll have more information at the time of release including details on account merging and what to expect as the feature releases. 


Cross-platform next? :)

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