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Wendy's quote about Klaus

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23 hours ago, Falkenpelz said:

Holy feck, this is some nightmarefuel, ngl, I would sleep better knowing that Wendy is watching HIM.

Oh yeah, the creepiness of this song is WELL known.  There's several references to its creepiness in pop culture. The main one that's popping into my head right now is a Calvin and Hobbes comic strip where Calvin...well let's see if I can find it; I have a feeling I'll get the quote wrong if I try to do it from memory:


...I mean when I first heard the song as a KID I was like "...wait WHAT?" at that part.

Let's put it this way--it's one of those happy-tuned songs that doesn't NEED to be put into a minor key to be made creepy.  It just already is.


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