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what is use cases for smart storage bin

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I can't find any use for it, automation seems lame, I need green signal when it empty, or I need bars like in smart battery or liquid-gas storage tanks. Is it intended to be? How you are use it? It always generate heat? Is it make sense to use it with combination with memory block - give electricity once a day to check is it full or not?


look like here is it - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1900617368

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Ah, really, disable production in case if storage full. I'm trying to do different - make it work with coal generators. Idea was to allow duplicants carry coal only in case when it is completely empty. I did it in combo with horizontal door and automatic dispenser, it work, but, it is "dirty solution"

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On 1/20/2022 at 4:49 AM, degr said:

Idea was to allow duplicants carry coal only in case when it is completely empty.

I did this with filtration medium for water sieves. It's a little extra, but works quite well.


  • The power shutoff wakes up the storage bin for two seconds every quarter cycle to check if it's empty. It also activates the memory toggle which opens up the access door. The two second filter gate gives the smart bin time to check itself before opening the access door.
  • Behind the 200s filter gates is a regular storage bin set to 1,000 kg of sand. The dupes actually fill that one up and the sweeper fills the smart storage from it. I have allow manual use disabled on the smart storage (which may be from a mod, I forget).
  • When the smart storage bin is full (also set to 1,000 kg) it resets the memory toggle closing the door. (There is a door above the access door set to exit only just in case some dupe gets stuck.
  • The smart bin is topped off until the dumb bin is empty, triggering the smart bin to open the door again once the first gram of sand comes out of it. There's a total of 2,000 kg of filtration medium in the system giving it a filtration capacity of 10,000 kilograms. (About 1,000 lavatory + sink uses.)
  • I also set up a automated notifier to alert me if the storage bin is not filled after 600 seconds, indicating something is wrong.
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