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a idea for booster shot

idea to give more effect to booster shot  

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  1. 1. what effect do u prefer to add with booster shot

    • increases attack speed(2x)?
    • increases movement (speed 30%)
    • both? (player only)
    • both? (beefalo and player)
    • booster shots exists?

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17 hours ago, HowlVoid said:

Well, if not in the game anymore... And someone is telling me to try it... Then it's probably a mod. 

Mods are wack anyways. 

Not sure if a mod puts it in, but you can just use a console command to spawn it since it's in the game's files. Or at least it's in DS', not sure about DST's. It's just meaty stew except with different examination quotes and it kills you if you eat it, It was in the game since they added Adventure Mode before giving it an ending so when you finished it you just had to die to leave lol.

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