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Hi klei, my name is Joerferson Lungres, I would like to share my idea about "flint walls", as the game develops the flints become "useless", I wish there was a wall of this type of material, I would add usefulness to this item that is most used in the early game, my friends insisted that I send these drawings to you

-Thanks for the wonderful game, and for being an example of a company in the field.


DST FLINT WALL in game.png


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5 hours ago, minespatch said:

Resíduos de sílex, mas está linda. Embora se houvesse fazendas de sílex, eu apoiaria isso .

The idea would be more for late game, since the use of flint drops a lot during the game, and on farms, I think there are already enough ways to get flint, as well as stones, thanks for commenting <3

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