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  1. Happy holidays to the devs. If any of you are reading this before new year, I would suggest to keep this out of your mind until after the holidays. Cheers
  2. ^ well, at least he can still have armor and access to items before and after, unlike Woodie
  3. Is issue is same with the lazy explorer, for all characters
  4. Reading the suggestion subforum, it seems some would like to see only straight buff to the character. - Having the speed back - No gym time - Flat power during mighty - Still carry heavy object faster, including marble suit and piggy bag - Chop, mind and hammer faster - More defense ----- There were mention of anti-Wes and suppose to how strong is oppose of weak, therefore Wes' penalty should be benefit to the strong. Wes is designed to be the hard mode, does that mean Wolf should be the easy mode? ----- I still stand by my suggestion on having Wolf craft slower, as he is the dumb strongman.
  5. If it's to fit the theme, it make sense to have him mine, chop and hammer faster, but in returns he should craft slower, like Winona hungry slow. This fits the dumb strongman theme. It's not like we don't let him do science, he's just slower at it. Edit: typos
  6. For incentive, let's make the other characters gain sanity, because of entertainment. This fits the circus theme.
  7. Trade of suggestion on re-adding the speed: Make Wolfgang craft slower, like Winona hungry slow. Since Wolfgang is portrait as the dumb strongman, crafting science should be slower to fit the character. ----- Let people get their speed, with the suggestion on cutting tree and mining fast. Heck, let's give him the ability to run on water (oh wait, he row faster), then it would have the strength on weremoose, speed of weregoose, and gathering of werebeaver. All while have access to inventory and equipments.
  8. Repair/refill salt licks with nitre and/or salt Currently salt licks is that one structure that can degrade without a repair option. This may even make it more expensive as the other material being wood, but it's a QoL. The effort of using salt licks is inferior to feeding the beefalo which does not serve the item's purpose of leaving beefalo behind for a while. Personal would like to see an increase on usage too, seeing that nitre or salt are not mass-producible or relocatable for production.
  9. Wormhole is randomly generated and thus maybe vary on how useful it is. I had wormhole that is connected to not even one screen away. No resource should be useless given time and effort. Suggestion: Allow wormhole relocation Detail suggestion: - Food like item that allows to relocate - Randomly relocate one end of the wormhole when "feed" to wormhole - The item can be very costly and need to use the "crook pot" at the ancient archive to cook it - Relocation process takes days, during this time, the wormhole is not accessible
  10. Would rather with the use of Hound Tooth instead of Flint for wall. Act kinda like Fugu Hutch, damage attacker.
  11. Agree with the make it repairable. But I gonna say use Flint (kinda like sharpening the tool) Durability can be lowered and each Flint ends up costing and much as crafting normal axe and pick minus the twig. I personally never use the pick/axe I carry flints and twigs, craft tool, use, drop it on the floor. Thing is, raw materials can have other uses too.
  12. This is why I believe cross dress skin is fine. By cross dress, I don't mean clothing, makeup and hair are also part of it. And this is just like any other character skin.
  13. Like boat on the surface to bridge the gaps, a floating platform to act as bridge. Something like magnetic floating rocks as platform. - unlike boat, cannot be moved - lost durability each time a user jump on/off the platform. - repair with rocks
  14. I hate it when I get framed by a bunny - See a bunnyman kill a spider, drop monster meat. - Pick the monster meat up. - The very same bunnyman turns around and shout "MURDER!" - The whole bunnyman village is now chasing after you.