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Maxwell Rework Skin Concepts

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This isn't going to be me suggesting anything gameplay related to Maxwell's rework, as we have many different threads for that. Instead I am going to suggest the concepts for the skins that are released with his rework. Every one of the original twelve survivors received a character skin and three belonging skins that were themed with their new skin (except Winona who got two belonging skins and one profile background). So following that idea, I conceptualized two possible skin sets for Maxwell:
The Magician Set
The Great Maxwell Set


The Magician Set:


Magician Maxwell (For some reason every time I drew this, it ended up looking like the Godfather)

Card Deck Umbra (Codex Umbra skin, both idle and active)

Magic Hat Bunny Hutch

Flower Wand (Clean Sweeper)
FlowerWand.png.6bf1e0f73372e8b609278be26292594c.png (if it isn't obvious, this is one of those wands that turns into a bouquet of flowers)


The Great Maxwell Set:


The Great Maxwell (Excuse my poor art skills. This is the Maxwell from Chapter 5 of Adventure Mode of the original DS)

Shadow Throne Saddle (War Saddle skin)

Repurposed Wooden Thing (Shadow Manipulator, both idle and active)

Shadow Wilson Worker (Probably the easiest skin to implement. Shown is the logger, but ideally there would be a miner, digger, and duelist too)

This is a nod to that Shadow Wilson with an axe that was always teased from single player (and the blind box figure), but never actually implemented. This also could be explained that Maxwell and Wilson are still bantering, and this is a jab at Wilson since Maxwell likes the idea of telling Wilson what to do. Wilson could also give a jab back at Maxwell when his rework comes out with this gross caricature of Maxwell in the form of a Meat Effigy:


Let me know which set you like better, and if you think that they would fit in the game. Excuse my poor artwork, this is more of a concept which essentially is my way of excusing my lack of artistic abilities lol.

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Well I mean there is this glitch that is currently still in the game:

(you can do this with accidental perfect timing of trying to revive someone with second chance watch before they can haunt the portal to revive themselves in Endless Mode)

He was able to retake control over his character and do everything he normally would have done, but as a cool spooky shadow! 

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1 hour ago, minespatch said:

I've seen so many comments requesting for his coat.

Not to discredit Dr Safety’s design, but I think the coat should have more of an “Hour Glass” like shape to it so it can look good on both male and female characters. Plus even the one Maxwell wears in Solo DS has more of an Hour Glass like shape to it. I can’t draw worth a heck so someone with some real talent to draw should make this “Maxwell’s Winter Coat” look snazzy :wilson_love:



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